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What are computer output devices?

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Displays, printers, plotters etc An output device is any peice of hardware that takes data from a computer and does something with it.

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What is the Conclusion of input and output devices of computer?

What is the Conclusion of input and output devices of computer?

What are some output devices of the computer?

output devices are the devices from which the output is obtained. examples: MONITER, PRINTER etc.,

What are output devices for a computer?

Output devices gives out information and sound related to computer or the thing you asked for. The output devices are printer,monitor,speaker etc

What are the output devices. explain any two output devices.?

Output devices are peripherals on a computer that output information. i.e., screen and speakers.

What kind of computer hardware equipment are considered output devices?

There are many pieces of computer hardware equipment that are considered output devices. Some examples of computer output devices are speakers, headphones, monitors, and printers.

What are two output devices for a computer?

Monitor and printer. Printers and monitors are both output devices.

What are the input and output devices of the second generation?

what are the input and output devices of the second generation of computer

Name four output devices?

Output devices are electronic devices that are connected to a computer and used to transfer data out of the computer in forms including images, text, and sounds. Four output devices are printers. monitor, speakers, and headphones.

What are the output devices for computer graphics?

The output devices for computer graphics are the monitor (screen) and the printer. Input devices include scanners, cameras, keyboards and light pens.

How do you interact with a computer program?

You interact with a computer program using input and output devices. You put source data using input devices and get results on output devices.

Twenty examples of input devices and output devices of computer?

what is the twenty example input devices in a computer science

What is difference between input devices and output devices?

Input devices are devices attached to the computer which accept input and feed it to the computer. These types of devices include, but are not limited to keyboard, mouse, numeric keypads, touch screens, pen scanners / stylus, etc. Output devices are devices attached to the computer which accept output from the computer. These types of devices include, but are not limited to monitors/displays, printers, plotters, etc.

What are the different types of computer devices?

Input, Output & Storage Devices

What are the latest output devices in computer?


What is the third generation of computer input and output devices?

The third generation of computer input and output devices was marked by an improvement in the tape-processing capabilities.

Which part of the computer is not an output device?

Output devices are those that relay information from the computer the environment or other devices: monitors, sound cards and speakers, etc. Non-output devices are input devices (such as a keyboard or a microphone input). Not strictly output devices are combined input/output devices such as USB ports, serial ports, etc. Other devices, such as mass storage devices (hard disks, etc) are typically grouped separately from output devices, too. Memory devices, processing units, and infrastructure devices such as the motherboard chipset, power supply, fans and mechanic parts are all other examples of parts of a computer that are not output devices.

What are computer devices that are used as both output and input devices?

Devices that are used for both input and output are known as I/O devices. I/O means input and output. Hard drives are an example of I/O devices.

Why are output devices important?

Output devices are important so you can get processed data/information from the computer. e.g printers

What is data that comes out of a computer?

Data that comes out of the computer is output. Data that goes into a computer is called input. In addition, there are I/O devices, meaning that they are both input and output devices.What is seen on a computer monitor or coming out of a printer are examples of output.

Is a computer a input or output device?

Neither. A computer contains both input and output devices. Many modern input and output devices contain embedded computers, that interface between the main computer and the actual input or output hardware of the device.

Why is an computer a output device?

Speaker,monitor,printer are output devices. these give out information regarding the computer.

Which part of the computer showes you information from the computer?

The output is a way to show the information which is stored in the computer. Display monitors & printers are examples of output devices. Modems, bluetooth, ethernet, wireless network are (Input/Output) devices.

What ar output devices explain briefly?

Output devices are used to get information from the computer. Some examples of output devices are VDUs (Visual Display Unit) , printers etc.

What are the Output devices of a wearable computer?

output is in the form of light,display or voice....

Is speakers input or output devices?

speakers are output de4vices because information is sent "out" of the computer. mice and keyboards are input devices because they send information "in" to the computer