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A part in a plant

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What types of cones are there?

Ice cream cones, mathematical cones, frustums, traffic cones, pine cones...

How are pollen cones and seed cones are different?

Seed cones (female cones) are much larger than pollen cones (male cones).

Do cedar trees have pine cones?

Cedar trees have cones but they are not pine cones they are cedar cones.

What are the reproductive structures of gymnosperms?

cones Seed cones and pollen cones.

What are two types of cones that a conifer has?

male and female cones, and mature cones.

What develops into cones?

Volcanoes can form cones. Pine trees have their seeds in cones.

Why do conifers need 2 types of cones to form seeds?

because some of the cones are male cones, and some of the cones are female cones. the male cones produce the pollen and sperm, and the female seeds contain the seeds.

Is there pollen cones and seed cones on the same trees?

Yes, in case of Pinus pollen producing cones (male cones) and seed producing cones (female cones) are present on the same plant. Such plants are called monoecious.

What is the difference between pollen cones and seed cones?

Pollen cones are the male pollen-producing cones, and seed cones are the female seed-producing cones in conifer trees.Seed cones are gymnosperms, which means the seeds are not enclosed within an ovary (in Greek, gymno is naked).

What cones have megasporangia?

female cones

What is true about male and female cones?

Make cones are smaller than female cones

Cones are sensitive to what light in biology?

Cones are sensitive to Red light (L cones, 64%) Green light (M cones, 32%) and Blue light (S cones, 2%)

How are cyclinders and cones different?

Cones are pointed.

What do cones respond to?

Cones respond to color .

What do gymnosperms reproduce?

Most gymnosperms have reproductive structures called cones. Cones are covered with scales. Most gymnosperms produce two types of cones: male cones and female cones. Usually, a single plant produces both male and female cones. In some types of gymnosperms, however, individual trees produce either male cones or female cones. A few types of gymnosperms produce no cones at all.

What conifers that do not produce cones?

There is no conifer that does not produce cones. Conifers are called conifers because they are "cone-bearing" meaning they have cones. If it's a conifer, it produces cones.

WHAT IS THE Difference between male and female pine cones?

The pine cones that you are familiar with are probably female pine cones. You probably have never noticed male pine cones because they are much smaller and don't look much like the female pine cones. Male pine cones are much smaller and produce pollen grains. Female pine cones contain the egg. The pollen is carried from the male pine cones to the female pine cones by the wind.

What do you use cones for?

cones are used to see color............:)

Pollen is produced by what type of cones?

female cones

Can bears eat sno-cones?


Do ferns have cones or flowers?

No, ferns do not have cones or flowers.

How seed cones and pollen cones are similar?

Seed cones and pollen cones both grow on the same tree. The both have seeds, one is male and one is female.

What is another word for traffic cone?

traffic pylons, road cones, highway cones, safety cones, construction cones or (colloquially) witches' hats or safety wizards.

Is there a deciduous tree that has conifer-like cones similar to Alder but larger cones?

Zane has cones, so ask him about his conifer life jelly-filled cones.

DO flowering plants have cones?

Conifers have cones. The flowers of a conifer are insignificant but are still flowers. Other flowering plants do not have cones, so, some flowering plants have cones.