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What are crop circles?

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August 08, 2012 9:50AM

Crop circles are areas of crushed or cleared crops where a perfect circle has been left. None of the other crops have been touched, and there is just a strange circle of crushed or cleared crops. People say they are the work of Alien aircraft landing in the crop fields, and then later taking off. There is no exact answer to what causes crop circles.

Non man made crop circles are induced by spiritual beings called Cherub/ophanin, storm chariots.They initially descend as a vortex transform into a spinning ring[toroid]and then ascend as a white disk shape vapour with illuminous aura spinning around the peripheral.Yes UFO`s are their cause.

These vortexes have the ability to vanish and become invisible.there is a guided presence above the vortex and the air becomes darkened.

The most important and most famous documented sighting of this intelligent phenomenon is in the Book of Ezekiel chapters 1 and chapters 10.

The most famous sighting of this phenomenon occurred in 1961 when this UFO appeared to Betty and Barney Hill.Ezekiel described seeing the sky like a terrible crystal[black]He saw terrible eyes all around the UFO.He saw it spin turning but not as it went,release light upon him and he saw the vortex and cloud coming towards him.Barney Hill saw the eyes with no body stirring at him in the woods.Betty saw the blackened sky above the car.She also saw the UFO spin.Barney hill was told by these beings that this was to prove to him that God existed.Ezekiel saw visions of God.

The book of Ezekiel is profoundly important to prophecies in relation to things that are to happen today,signs in the fields etc.

So crop circles are signs of catastrophic consequences for this planet.Sorry for being honest with my answer but the question was asked and I feel it important for people to know the truth.