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My favorite is:

"Hello...hello...speak up, I can't hear you. We must have a bad connection. Call me back later."

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Q: What are cute voice mail greetings?
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What are some good voice mail greetings?

Heyy im not here im there so leave a message bye

How can one give professional voice mail greetings?

To give professional voice mail greetings, you generally speak in a calm and professional tone. You would greet them, state your name, apologize for not being available, and give details of your general availability. You can then request they leave a detailed message and that you will get back to them as soon as possible.

How do you set up a voice mail on a Pantech pursuit?

Go to menu, and click on messages. At the bottom of the screen, it should say options. Click on options. You should see a list of options come up on the screen. Click on the one that says voicemail. When you click on voicemail, it should call the automated voicemail. You should hear an automated voice giving you options. When you hear personal options, press the number that the automated voice said was for personal options. The automated voice should then list some personal options. When you hear 'greetings,' press the number that the automated voice said was for greetings. The automated voice should list some greetings. When you hear 'personal greetings,' press the number that the voice said was for personal greetings. Follow the automated directions from there.

Are e-greetings cheaper than snail mail for Christmas?

In my opinion, e-greetings are a lot cheaper that snail mail for Christmas. Because they are online, there is pretty much no price for these greetings.

How do you change your voice mail greeting on Verizon?

If you dial 1 send and then youre at your voicemail then dial in your password and press # and then press 4 and then 3 and then it will give you your choices of greetings

How do you avoid AT and T voice mail announcement?

How can you avoid AT&T voice mail announcement and go straight to voice mail?

Which apps have the best voice mail system?

It is difficult to state which voice mail system is the best because people search for different qualities in a voice mail system. Some examples of good voice mail systems are the following: Google voice and iPhone visual voice mail.

Why recently is not possible to hear the voice mail Why recently isnot possible tohear the voice mail?

Not able to hear the voice mail recently

When was Voice Mail - album - created?

Voice Mail - album - was created in 1992.

help to set voice mail?

help set up voice mail

Why is Justin bieber not cute?

Because of his voice. but other wise he is cute

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cute?? it that what his voice is? it makes u think of an older boy, but im not exactly sure cute would be sufficient.