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sattelite bandwidth is broken into segments called transponders

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Q: What are delay transponders in satellite communication?
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What is group delay satellite communication?

intel sat

What is a round trip delay in satellite communication?

250 msec

Why is satellite communication not widely used for mobile communication.?

In satellite communication uplink (transmission of signal from earth station to satellite ) & downlink (reception of signal from satellite to earth station) takes place TX & RX involves a finite amount of delay which is acceptable in data communication, but i audio & video TX this delay is unacceptable, overlapping/ alaising causes errors which demodulated by qpsk.

What is satellite longitude in satellite communication?

satellite is satellite

What is propogation delay in satellite?

A propagation delay is the amount of time it takes radio waves to travel from the surface of the Earth to the satellite and then back down to the Earth. The calculation of the delay is based upon the altitude and position of the satellite systems.

Who invented the INSAT satellite?

The acronym INSAT means Indian National Satellite in the Geo Stationary Orbit. The GSO satellites are useful for communication and weather forecasting . They carry C , Extended C and Ku Band Transponders (16 Numbers ) for TVRO and DBS schemes. The satellite design, testing, fabrication and assembly are the joint venture of Technical persons of ISRO and any individual.

What is the definition of 'optical satellite communication'?

definition of optical satellite communication

What is first communication satellite?

The first communication satellite was Echo NASA

What is the delay on a live satellite feed?

If you are considering putting in a satellite dish, then you may have a few questions about how fast the feed is. You can expect a three to nine second delay when watching over satellite.

Which transponder on Direct TV satellite 7s is used for local stations in Jacksonville Fl?

check out for a list of sats transponders channels and frequencies

Why Fresnel zone affecting satellite communication?

Why Fresnel zone affecting satellite and ground communication?

Is a comsat a satellite?

Com = Communication, Sat = Satellite