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The deltoids are the shoulder muscles.

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Q: What are deltoids?
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Related questions

Where are the Deltoids?

The deltoids are at the top of the shoulder

What are your Deltoids?

Your Deltoids are the muscles that wrap around your shoulders.

Does rowing work the deltoids?

Yes, rowing movements do work the deltoids, mainly the rear and lateral deltoids.

Where would you find the deltoids?

deltoids are a muscle group located in your shoulders

Where are your deltoids in your muscular system?

yea your deltoids are muscles around your shoulders

Where are the trapezius and the deltoids?

The trapezius is an upper back/neck muscle and the deltoids are shoulder muscles

Where are your deltoids?

The deltoids are located in the upper arm and the top of your shoulder. It is rounded and triangular in shape.

What are the best deltoid exercises?

You need to do a variety of exercises like the Front raise for the front deltoids Side raises for the middle deltoids Bent over laterals for the rear deltoids the over head press is a good exercise to build deltoids.

What is the function of the deltoids?

The deltoids are the muscles forming the rounded contour of the shoulders. They are the prime movers of the arm.

What are biceps trieps and deltoids?

Front of arm are biceps triceps are the back of arm and deltoids are shoulders

What joint is used when throwing the javelin?

your deltoids are mainly used to throw the javelin if you dont know what deltoids are, they are your sholders

Where are the deltoids located?

The deltoids are thick triangular muscles covering the shoulder joints and are used to raise the arm from the side.

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