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What the differences between Chinese schools and American schools?

time diffrence

What are similarities and differences between English and Spanish schools?

English and Spanish schools have to pass the same test to get into college. English and Spanish schools both start at 9am.

What differences are there between schools in japan and schools in English schools?

Schools in Japan have Japanese people and English schools have English, Australian,American, multicultural people and schools in Japan are more advanced due to their technologies

What is the differences between your schools today and Victorian schools?

no electricity

What are the differences between schools in France and England?


What is the differences between Chinese schools and New Zealand schools?

lol, ur dum

What are the differences in test scores between normal schools and year round schools?


Why there are differences between primary schools and secodary schools?

== == == == == == Abbey is sooo kwl x x

What are differences between Spanish schools and ENGLISH schools?

Differences between English and Spanish Schools School Starts at 9am till 2pm Over here schools start at 8.45 till3.10 13 weeks summer holiday Over here 6 weeks summer holiday They have English lessons from 3 years Over here you start English at the age of 6 They stay behind if not enough progress is made Over here we don't They have a huge end of year fiesta We might a have a small party or not

What is the difference between American high schools and German high schools?

American schools talk in English, and German schools talk in German.

What is the difference between American and Italian?

Italian schools are not well constructed than American schools

What is the differences between schools in china and Australia?

Schools in China teach the students everything in the mandarin language but schools in Australia are the opposites.

What is the differences between Chicago schools and Frankfort schools?

To which Frankfort do you refer? No matter, whichever it is, schools are the same everywhere, with few exceptions.

What are the differences between japan and Canada schools?

Well, you tell me. Eh?

Are there any similarities between polish schools and American schools?


What is the difference between Mexican and American schools?

Mexican schools have uniforms

What is the diierence between Chinese and American schools?

1 Chinese Schools Speak Chinese 2. American schools speak American. And 3. There in different Countries Or Cities.....................................

What are the Differences and similarities between french and English schools?

they are aloud to smoke on the yard

What were the differences between black and white children's schools?

The schools for blacks were usually, if not always, markedly inferior in facilities and staff when compared to white schools.

What differences were there between the blacks and whites schools?

Black schools were dirtier and had less money. White schools had more money and they took more care of them.

What are the differences between American and French schools?

In French schools they are more strict and they push they're students more then the Americans do.French students go to school from around 8am to 5 or 6pm.American students go to school from around 7 or 8am to 2 or 3pm.

What is different between spanish and English schools?

A Spanish school starts at 9am till 2pm, English schools start at 9am till 3.20pm

Differences between Australian and Japanese schools?

Japanese schools take their shoes of and where slippers at school and all the kids bow before a class

What is the differences between Victorian schools to today's schools?

they got caned if they were naughty but we don't get caned we get told of by our teachers or parent we don't get hit!

10 differences between french and English schools?

they have no school uniform and they have way more holidays

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