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What are differences between Zero and Ichiru?

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Zero is a vampire and a vampire hunter ichiru is a normal human and ichiru dies!

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Yes, he is devoured by Zero.

shizuka didn't bit ichiru bcuzz zero was already turned into vampire

Learn English. Then, re ask the question.

In 2012 zero and ichiru is 24 and they were born in 1899 .... I only need yuuki's birthday to figure it out !

Yes, he provided the voices for Zero and Ichiru.

zero got bitten by a pureblood vampire, name Shizuka Hio. when he was just 13. from the beginning it wasn't the intention of Shizuka to bite Zero. it was Because zero's twin brother Ichiru felt betrayed by his own family. because of ichiru's weak health they're parents thought that Zero is more capable of being a vampire hunter in their family. as ichiru known this, he was shocked and has suddenly met the pureblood Shizuka Hio. Ichiru hated his family including his own brither, Zero. As Ichiru got closer to the pureblood he requested her to kill his family and inreturn served her. as the pureblood accepted this, the family was attacked by her and instead of killing his brother, she decided to leave him, she made zero a slave to her. because of this, zero slowly became a vampire because of the bite that the pureblood left.

Vic Mignogna voices Zero .Japanese seiyuu 宮野真守 Miyano Mamoru voices both Kiryuu Zero and Kiryuu Ichiru.

SPOILER ALERT! Zero's twin brother, Ichiru, shows up in Volume 4 at the end of the Eighteenth Night calling Zero his older brother and twin. In saying that, yes. He was still alive. Although, in Volume 9, in the Fortieth Night, it shows Ichiru taking a fatal wound from Rido and, at the end of that chapter, he tells Zero to devour him and take all of the slayer power he was suppose to have at birth. Zero honours his request and thus...Ichiru is no more.

He is a young vampire hunter, age 22, that trained under Yagari Toga along with Zero and Ichiru. He is from the manga Vampire Knight

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Ichiru and Shizuka are characters from Matsuro Hino's Vampire Knight. Kurosu is the Japanese phonetics for 'cross' which is the surname of Yuuki Cross, also from Vampire Knight.

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His name is Ichiru Kiryu. He is Zero's twin brother and began to work for Shizuka Hiou when she didn't kill him. He hates Zero a lot because he was always jealous of him. These feelings change after Shizuka dies and ends up preventing Zero from falling to a level E vampire.

There is nothing different about the two. They both have Notype of differences what so ever. So your question has been answered. Now, will you please, **** off

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