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Here are some of the ways to conserve water:

* Install a low flow toilet and shower head

* Reuse grey water from kitchen/bathroom to water you garden

* Fix leaking faucets and sprinklers

* Turn off faucets while brushing your teeth

* Take shorter showers

* Use a broom to sweep the drive way instead of a water hose

* Use a bucket for car wash instead of a water hose

Check out more tips on water conservation at the below given link.

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There are quite a few different ways of recycling water.

  • Grey water (from washing and showers) to flush toilets and water gardens and parks
  • Black water (from toilets and sewage) filtered and purified for regular or grey water use
  • Water saving schemes (like washing your car on a lawn) uses spare water for irrigation.
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The typical way in which you can "harvest" water is by creating catchbasins that catch the rain as it falls, and channels the runoff into reservoirs and cisterns. For smaller areas, you can build or purchase rain barrels and connect your roof gutters to them, so that all the rain that falls on your roof will run into the rain barrels.

The island of Bermuda has no well or artesian water, and all water must be either captured as rainwater on the cement-paved hillsides, or on the obligatory white tile roofs, or purified from seawater through desalinization.

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Q: What are different ways of recycling water?
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