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What are digital camcorders used for?

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Anything people want to record and have digitized memories of.

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What is pixels are used as a measurement of?

The resolution in digital cameras and camcorders

Facts about digital camcorders?

Sony developed the first digital camcorder that recorded uncompressed data and in 1995, they came out with the DV standard. Formats for digital camcorders include direct to disk recording and Digital8. Digital camcorders now record in MPEG formats.

What port is used for high-speed multimedia devices such as digital camcorders?


A port is used for high-speed multimedia devices such as digital camcorders?


Does Canon have new camcorders on sale ?

Canon does have digital camcorders on sale, however almost all electronic manufacturers are slowly stopping production of camcorders due to the convergence of video recording on cellphones and digital cameras.

What can you do with Sony digital camcorders?

Sony digital camcorders let you do a lot of different things. You can record home movies of your family or friends and can share your recordings online because they are saved in a digital format.

What kind of port is used for high-speed multimedia devices such as digital camcorders?

Firewire for A+ purposes

Whats the biggest benefit over the newer digital comcorders over the older non-digital?

Newer digital camcorders can record much more, and store it in a noise-free digital format, whereas the same could not be said for tape camcorders.

Where can one sell camcorders and digital cameras?

Ebay is an excellent way to sell camcorders and digital cameras. Adorama advertises that it pays top dollar for used photo equipment, and keh has an online ad stating that you can turn your unwanted gear into cash.

Does Future Shop sell DVD camcorders?

Yes Future Shop sells DVD camcorders. Although they are switching to digital camcorders they probably still have in stock one or two brands of dvd camcorders.

How can digital camcorders be useful to students and business professionals?

Digital camcorders can help students and business professionals capture moments and promote them for the business. They can use the footage to make commercials.

Is Sony a reputable brand for digital camcorders?

Sony is a world leader in comcorders. They have been producing camcorders for well over 20 years. And continue to be formost producers of camcorders in the world.

Does Sony make digital camcorders?

Yes, Sony is a very popular brand of electronics, and one of the many products that they produce are their digital camcorders. You can see what they have available on their site here:

What are the top brands of digital video camcorders?

The top brands of digital video camcorders are Sony and Panasonic. Amazon carries a wide variety of brands and each listing includes a review.

Does airport xray machines damage digital camcorders?

Airport XRAY machines do not damage digital camcorders. You may want to consider making a backup copy of the information on the hard drive first though.

Which camcorders have the best product reviews?

Having a camcorder to capture memories is a wonderful idea. The line of digital camcorders from Sony have great reviews.

Are digital camcorders complicated to operate.?

They are relatively easy, but it mainly depends on the brand.

What input device records photographs in the form of digital data?

Digital camcorders, digital cameras... etc. All input devices have to have data in digital form for the computer to understand.

Can Webcams be used as camcorders or microphones or cameras?

on camcorders it can but i dont know about cameras

Whihc camcorder has built in editing software?

That isn't available except on digital camcorders.

Which camcorders accept SD cards to record onto?

Almost all camcorders (such as Canon ones) accept SD format. For digital media it's the gold standard.

Can the Kodak camcorders also take still photos?

Yes, Kodak digital camcorders that feature memory based recording are capable of snapping still photos as well.

Where can one purchase camcorder tapes?

Tapes for camcorders are still readily available despite the dominance of digital camcorders. One can go to Amazon, Best Buy, Future Shop, eBay, and Walmart to find tapes for camcorders at reasonable prices.

what kind of ratings do digital camcorders get?

Digital camcoders has a good ratings,there are a lots of ratings to read but most of all are postive,check online for more information about digital camcoders.

Where can one find reviews for Sony digital video camcorders?

For finding reviews on these camcorders, check various websites for companies such as Best Buy, Wal-mart and other stores that sell Sony camcorders to see the consumer reviews of the individual products.