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A direct quote is where you record the exact words that the person used.

For example:

  • Direct quote: Mary said, "The train has already left the station."
  • Indirect quote: Mary said that the train was already gone.
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Q: What are direct quotes in writing?
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When using direct quotations in your writing?

When using direct quotes in your writing, you should place quotations marks around the quote. Punctuation should also be inserted within the quotation marks.

Is a letter from a farmer written in the 1800s a primary source?

If the quotes were direct quotes of the writer, relevant to your writing topic, and not hearsay; then yes. If the information is second hand or "passed on" in the letter then no. (there could be relevance if you were writing about the letters but that would be limited)

How do I get direct auto insurance quotes?

Any auto insurance company can provide direct quotes on their website.

Should direct quotes be put in quotation marks?

Direct quotes should be put into quotation marks

What is direct writing?

Direct writing is the process of writing that involves direct action, facts, or speech. Effective writing usually contains a blen of direct and indirect writing styles.

When your writing the title of a movie is it in quotes italic or underlined?

On the computer it is in italics but when you are writing it you underline it quotes are for a specific scene in the movie

Are interviews underlined or in quotes?

Any person speaking in proper writing is in quotes.

What are appropriate suggestions for integrating quotes into writing?


When you are citing direct quotes in APA format do you use quotation marks?

Yes, when you are citing direct quotes in APA format you must use quotation marks.

Is writing a direct object?

If the word "writing" is used as a noun, then it can be a direct object. Without a complete sentence, "writing" is just a word. Example: He enjoys writing. (direct object of the verb "enjoys")

Are Quotation marks used for both direct and indirect quotations?

Quotation marks are used for direct quotes only. Indirect quotes are paraphrased and do not need quotation marks.

Can you take quotes from non dialog?

Yes, of course you can "take quotes" from writing other than dialogue.

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