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Q: What are disadvantages of impulse force?
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Impulse refers to both force and?

Impulse refers to both force and time....... Impulse=(the change in Force)*(time) OR Impulse=the change in Momentum

What is meant by impulse?

impulse is also called as sudden force or energy and called sudden shock impulse = force * displacement

The value of the impulse equals the force x the?

The value of the impulse equals the the force times the time.

Is the impulse produced by a larger force always greater than the impulse created by a smaller force?

I believe the answer is no. The impulse produced is also time related. Impulse force is measured as dp/dt. Therefore a smaller force produced for a very quick time could produce a larger impulse than a large force over a longer time.

What is the equation for impulse?

Impulse=Force*time=change of momentum

What are the ratings and certificates for Force of Impulse - 1961?

Force of Impulse - 1961 is rated/received certificates of: Finland:K-16

What is the relation connecting momentum and force?

Impulse = force x time. An impulse can also be understood as a change of momentum.

What is a direction of impulse?

impulse is equal to force which is acting on the body and ti me in small interval which is equal to impulse is equal to change in momentum and direction of impulse is consider the direction of force and change in momentum.

What is the difference between impulse and force?

Impulse is the force applied on an object multiplied by the time during which the force is applied. To illustrate the difference, a large force applied during a short time may have a lower impulse than a smaller force applied for longer.

Impulse of a force?

I= Fxt. Force x times

How do you impulse?

The impulse of force is commonly used to calculate forces in collisions. Active formula. Impulse = Average force x time = mass x change in velocity

What is the impulse of an object that Applies 30 N for 4 seconds?

Impulse=Force*Time interval =30*4=120Ns