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Seeing if that is a good spot.

They're smelling the smells. They're trying to figure out where other animals have been and whether or not another dog or cat has gotten into that area and marked it already.

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โˆ™ 2010-03-26 23:05:09
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Q: What are dogs sniffing for before they decide where to poop?
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Do dogs only poop after they eat?

no dogs dont usaully poop after they eat, they usaully a sleep before they have a poop or even to go to the toilet

What do dogs poop?

Dogs poop what they eat.

Why do dogs dance before they poop?

They don't dance before they poop! I'm guessing you mean why do they move weirdly and walk backwards and spin around and all that before they poop. They do that so they can get into a better position to poop, or so they can find a good spot to do their buisness on.

Why do dogs poop before death?

Because they wanna get it all out duh ๐Ÿ™„

Why do dogs sniff before they poop?

to see if there is a spot where another dog peed before and they just want to mark there territory

Why do dogs poops only once a day?

Why do some dogs only poop once? Is it ok for dogs to poop only once?

Why do dogs smell their poop?

to see if its food r not. they dont know that they did the poop. and if a male an d a female are together, they pee and poop on eachothers pee and poop. they smell there butts and stuff too. they can be weird. they even smelt my butt before.

Do dogs circle before they poop?

It depends on the dog, but i have never heard of one doing anything like that.

If you de-worm your dogs will it still poop worms in a week going on a trip and want to know before you go?

Take your dogs to the vet.

Is poop brown or black?

Brown to people but not to dogs they poop black.

Can dogs get worms from eating horse poop?

Worms live in poop. By eating poop they have worms and barf

What do dogs like to poop?

dogs enjoy pooping chickens!

Why are dogs not allowed to go to restaraunts?

some dogs are not well-behaved and try to eat food off the table of everyone surrounding them; and they might poop in the restaurants some people do have "good" dogs but the restaurant is not willing to take the risk of letting owners decide if there dogs are "good" or not

Do dogs poop beatles?


Do dogs poop out tapeworms?


Why does dogs breath smell like poop?

they eat their own poop! Testimony to the fact that dogs are basically entirely unclead and dogs somtimes get rid of another dogs 'scentmark' by, discusting as it sound, eating it.

Why do dogs circle before they poop?

Could be for the same reason we are picky when picking an empty bathroom stall in a public restroom.

Why does my dog poop so many times on walks?

Does he have a place to poop at your home? It could be because he does not want to poop at your home and has to poop when you walk him. Another reason could be because he is "marking his spot." Dogs do this often. They poop and it's like a message to other dogs. You may want to check that his poop is not diaheria, and regular poop. If it is diaheria, then it is a problem.

Why dogs smell poop?

Perhaps it was smelly and their curiosity got the best of them.

Is It Healthy for dogs to eat human Poop?


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Why do dogs have to poop outside?

they don't do it on carpets

Why do dogs eat their own poop sometimes?

Dogs may sometimes eat their own poop as their poop will still contain nutrients that they need. To combat this, one can feed them a diet that contains the nutrients they need.

Why do dogs poop in their own bed?

Because dogs don't care where they poop if they gotta go they will go anywhere even inside their feeding bowls.

Do dogs eat their own poop?

No but some dogs might without knowing