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Humans are the main enemy of a white tiger.

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What are the enemies of a white tiger?

White tiger enemies are gorillas

Does the white tiger have any enemies?

The biggest enemy of a white tiger is humans that kill them or trap them. Humans also destroy the habitat of the tiger.

What are enemies of blue sharks?

great white sharks and tiger shaks

What are tiger shark enemies?

The tiger shark has few natural enemies except man. He may be cautious of a white shark, but normally large predators avoid confrontation.

Who are the enemies of white tiger?

their main enemies are people who destroy the places the tigers live in and kill the tigers themselves for beautiful fur.

What are the snow tiger's natural enemies?

I work with tigers and there is not such a thing as a snow tiger. White tigers are just white Bengals. Tigers do not have any natural enemies, only humans.

What enemies does a white tiger have?

Humans are a white tiger's/ tiger's enemy, aside from other tigers who are guarding their territories or mates.

What enemies dose a white tiger have?

Humans are a white tigers enimes because we threaten them for their fur and we take away their habitat.

What are dolphins enemies?

dolphins enemies are bull sharks tiger sharks dusky sharks and great white sharks.sharks can kill dolphins.

What can tiger enemies do to the tiger?

They can make them go extinct

What the Siberian tiger enemies?

Adults have only humans for enemies.

What are the main enemies of the tiger and white tiger?

The biggest enemy of the tiger is man. Man has destroyed much of the tiger's habitat and poachers kill tigers to sell the skins and bones for Asian medicine. White tigers are often sold as pets for private collectors or put in zoos.

What is the German word for white tiger?

white tiger = weißer Tiger

What color is the white tiger?

white or the white tiger can be orange.

How is the White tiger different from the normal tiger?

They aren't different the White Bengal Tiger is just white and the Bengal Tiger is orange.

What eats the white tiger?

A white tiger is a teritory consumer so no animal eats white tiger.

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