What are examples of foods of different cultures?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Q: What are examples of foods of different cultures?
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Do India and China have the same foods?

no they have different foods because they are 2 completely different cultures

What makes cultures different?

Cultures are different because of their regions, beliefs and lifestyles. Most cultures wear different types of clothing, eat different foods and listen to different music.

What are some examples of folk cultures?

cultural foods and how they prepare that dish, folk music and etc.

What do people of the eat?

Since there are many different cultures in our island, because of Immigration, we have different kinds of food!!! We sometimes have Hawaiian foods and Korean foods, Chinese, Filipino foods, you can name them all. The cultures of collide together in Hawaii to have different kinds of food we offer here in Hawaii.

What is a dynamic social phenomenon?

due to different cultures we can experience a different way of life, different foods and different clothes

Does being in a different cultural group affect how you eat?

Yes, it does. Different cultures serve different types of foods and dishes.

What is a dynasty give examples from history?

The trade of there food and there ideas from different cultures?

What eat cultures?

There are many different cultures that eat whale meat. Some examples include people from Japan, as well as the Inuit and other indigenous cultures of the North.

What is the definition and examples of grow foods?

== == grow foods examples; glow foods examples, go foods examples

What are examples of religions within different cultures?

church of england-england Buddhism-india

The culture of Australia is a dynamic social phenomenon what does this mean?

due to different cultures we can experience a different way of life, different foods and different clothes

Why are there so many foods diets across the globe?

there_are_MANY_different_cultures_and_they_have_different_ways_of_expressing_there_cultures_so_many_people_can_do_it_thriugh_food_althogh_you_might_thing_their_food_is_odd_imagine_what_they_think_of_your_foods...">there_are_MANY_different_cultures_and_they_have_different_ways_of_expressing_there_cultures_so_many_people_can_do_it_thriugh_food_althogh_you_might_thing_their_food_is_odd_imagine_what_they_think_of_your_foods...">Because there are MANY different cultures and they have different ways of expressing there cultures so many people can do it thriugh food althogh you might thing their food is odd imagine what they think of your foods...