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What are examples of physical change?


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October 06, 2016 11:48AM

The examples of physical change is

  1. melting

  2. ripped paper

  3. boiling water

  4. pumping oil

  5. smashing your car

  6. shattering a light bulb

  7. sharping a pencil

  8. freezing water

  9. cutting iron

  10. rising or bread dough

  11. melting iron

Physical changes do not alter the composition of elements or compounds, but they can affect the way they react with other substances. Examples include:
  • Changes of phase - freezing of water into ice, or melting of ice into water
  • Volume - chalk crumbled into powder
  • Crystallization - carbon compressed into diamond; silica fused into glass
  • Solutions - salt dissolved in water
  • Mixtures - - sand and sugar mixed together
  • Change of stucture - tempering steel
  • Induced magnetism - steel electromagnet

this is weird,i really dont now and it is in my homework