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Here are some facts about goldfish

1. goldfish can live for many years some can only live up to 25 years.

2. there are severl breeds of goldfish.

3. goldfish talk to other goldfish by there gurlls.

4.goldfish can talk to humans but you can tell

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Q: What are fact about goldfish?
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Are carp related to goldfish?

Yes, they are in the same family, in fact, goldfish are a type of carp.

Can goldfish and molly fish live together?

Goldfish are best with goldfish. A molly and a goldfish have very different needs including the fact that a molly is a tropical fish

Can you mix different types of goldfish a panda with a normal orange goldfish?

yes in fact i have a normal orange goldfish and a panda at home in my fish bowl

How long can a goldfish remember something?

I know as a fact (from a book) that a goldfish only has a three-second memory. So I never expect my goldfish to recognize me as their owner! =)

Do goldfish take care of their young?

No they do not. In fact, quite often goldfish eat the eggs before they can even hatch if they are together.

How many eggs can a female goldfish have?

Goldfish can have many eggs. In fact, female goldfish are known to lay thousands of eggs. It's important to know before tarting to breed these kind of fish.

Can you keep a comet goldfish in a pond?

yes you can keep your comet goldfish in a goldfishpond.In fact having them in a pond is a good idea, as long as they are not subjected to herons and other predators, because this variety of goldfish gets very large: up to a foot! :)

What is the biggest goldfish look like?

The biggest goldfish that are on record are primarily single tailed fish due to the fact that they grow quite long rather than in girth compared to a fancy goldfish such as a fantail.

What kind of goldfish is the oldest goldfish in the world?

The oldest living goldfish in the world are Koi (singletail) most likely due to the fact that they are (normally) housed in large ponds. Although there are many fancy goldfish that live a long time, Koi surpass them in longevity.

Do goldfish have short term memory?

It is a myth that goldfish have short term memories; in fact researchers from the Technion Institute of Technology in Israel were able to determine that goldfish can actually recall information for up to 5 months

Can a goldfish drown?

Of course a goldfish can drown, they may live most of there life in water but that's like saying we cant suffercate because we live most of our lives on land so yes goldfish or in fact any fish can drown. when a goldfish drowns they die :/

What kind of goldfish starts with k?

I think it's KOI I have a friend who's is a really big koi lover. He is very adamant about the fact that koi are not goldfish!

What are the different colors of goldfish?

Goldfish are available in more colors than just gold. In fact, there are goldfish that are colored yellow, red, bronze, blue and even black! What's more, some goldfish have a mixture of colors in their scales, with varying shades, hues, or colored shapes.

How well does sand do in a goldfish tank?

Yes, sand does very well in a goldfish tank. In fact, it helps goldfish break down food when sucked in with it. It also makes clean up much easier if you use a siphon or baster.

What is the difference between goldfish and clownfish?

There are numerous differences not only in the type, body shape and even colours, but the fact that a goldfish is a freshwater fish, and a clownfish is a saltwater fish.

Is apregnant goldfish a twit?

the whole idea of a pregnant goldfish being called a twit is a joke based on the fact that fish don't get pregnant. They lay eggs which are then fertilised by the male

Do goldfish get sick quicker than other fish?

No. Goldfish in fact are basically the fish that will get sick the SLOWEST because they are extremely hardy and have almost no requirements other than food and water.

Why do goldfish get black on their back?

I just read an article that said that it is because you have not changed water weekly as needed. My goldfish did that too. In fact I just learned how to treat it about 2 seconds ago.

Can guppies live with common and canary goldfish?

Goldfish are best living with goldfish with the exception of weather (dojo) loaches, bristlenose plecos, or apple/mystery snails if you have the space.Guppies have different needs, not to mention the fact that they are a tropical fish & belong in warmer water.

What are some of the breeds of goldfish?

Some common breeds of goldfish are: the Black Moor goldfish, the Ryunkin goldfish, the comet goldfish, the common goldfish, the Calico Fantail goldfish, the telescope eye goldfish, the bubble eye goldfish, the pearl scale goldfish and the Oranda goldfish.

Dose Miley Cyrus have a fish?

Miley Cyrus does in fact have a single goldfish which she keeps in her childhood home.

Will goldfish eat guppies in a 5 gallon tank?

Goldfish cannot live properly in a 5 gallon tank. Goldfish need 20 gallons for the first fish, and 10 gallons per additional fish after.It's not simply about their size potential, which is big, but the fact that they produce a lot of waste.Guppies and goldfish are not compatible as they have different water needs.

How long can a goldfish remember?

I know as a fact (from a book) that a goldfish only has a three-second memory. So I never expect my goldfish to recognize me as their owner! =) Despite popular opinion that goldfish have no memory it has been show in many studies they do have long term memories. It is generally accepted be around two week but some studies have shown it to be up to 11 months.

How many goldfish can live in a 1.77 gallon tank?

None; that would work for one betta fish, but not a goldfish.One goldfish needs 20 gallons alone, plus 10 gallons per additional fish (so 30 gallons for 2 goldfish).It's not just about their size potential, but the fact that they produce a high amount of waste.

Could goldfish breed themselves?

Yes. The problem is simply that most people can't keep goldfish alive until sexual maturity because they are usually kept in tanks too small for them and they die young. A Fightn' Fact- Fancy goldfish: 1 Fish= 29+ Gallons 1-Tail Goldfish: 1 Fish= 55+ Gallons