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factor which affect health status of local community

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Q: What are factors that affect health community?
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What are the factors that influence the health equilibrium?

the factors that affect the health equilibrium is the

What are the physical factors that affect health?


What abiotic factors affect the warthog?

Abiotic factors are esentially the non living component factors that affect the living organisms of the freshwater community. Such components do not affect the warthog

How does living in a gated community affect mental health?


How does urbanization affect mental health?

disscuss the factors

How do environmental factors affect the health of lung tissues?

Environmental factors like dirt can poorly affect the health of the lung tissues if inhaled. These particles will agitate the tissue.

What factors affect health and wellbeing and development of individuals and key people?

The factors that affect well being includes: Physical factors psychological factors Social factors Spiritual factors

Micro-environmental factors that affect the development and introduction of a health drink?

what are the micro environmental factors that affect business environment?

Identify at least five factors that affect access and utilization of health care services?

Identify at least five factors that affect access and utilization of health care services?

What are the factors that affect health in an aged person?

Obesity and diet

What are four lifestyle factors that affect your health?

picke pope

What Factors influence the mental health of individuals that leads them to mental health problems in the community?

Stress and biological predisposition.