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What are facts about Delaware?

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DelawareCapital:Dover Population:783,600 people Entered the Union:December 7,1787 Nicknames:The Diamond State and/or The First State Flower:Peach Blossom Bird:Blue Hen Chicken Bordering States:Borders Maryland,Pennyslvania,and New Jersey State Insect:Delaware has a state insect!The ladybug was adopted as the official state insect in 1974 after a group of elementary school children convinced the state legislature to do so. State Beverage:Milk State Star:Delaware Diamond State Tree:American Holly Largest City:Wilmington

These are just some very important facts you should know about.

Also in Delaware they play ballet,baseball,football,listen to music,hockey,and soccer
The US state of Delaware

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Q: What are facts about Delaware?
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Facts about Delaware colony?

Lord De La Warr named Delaware, Delaware.

What are 3 What are facts about Delaware?

Delaware was the first state ever made. delaware was made in december7,1787.

100 facts about the state of Delaware?

who is the governer

Facts about Dover Delaware?

Dover is a town located in delaware iut is also the state capitol

What are facts about Wilmington Delaware?

Drugs are available everywhere.

What are facts about the Delaware river?

1 its called delware

What are some unique facts about Colonial Delaware?

this web site dosent give good info on delaware

What are facts on Delaware?

Delaware has a really big chemical engineering industry. Astra Zeneca is located in Wilmington. Delaware also has a lot of blue hen chickens.

What were some negative facts about colonial Delaware?

it was too small

What are the release dates for EKN Worldwide Kids News - 2003 Flag Facts Delaware?

EKN Worldwide Kids News - 2003 Flag Facts Delaware was released on: USA: 26 March 2011

What were facts about Delaware in the 1600's and 1700's?

Slavery was legal in Delaware throughout the 1600s and 1700s. In the late 1700s, Delaware became the first state to join the United States.

Facts about the Delaware colony?

It was established by the English aristocrat Earl De La Warr

Can you give me some culture facts about Delaware?

1. Played lots of games. 2. Delaware men were allowed to have more than 1 wife. 3. Women had to get married at no later than 20 years of age

How do you spell Delaware?


Is the Delaware Colony in Delaware?

Yes, it was in Delaware.

What are the 5 largest cities and their population of Delaware?

Wilmington, Delaware (70,851)Dover, Delaware (36,047)Newark, Delaware (31,454)Middletown, Delaware (18,871)Smyrna, Delaware (10,023)

Why Was Delaware Named Delaware?

Delaware is named after Del a Warr

Is Delaware in the northeast of the US?

No, Delaware is not in the Northeast. Delaware is in the South.

Is there a Delaware river in Delaware?

There is a Delaware river that goes through Delaware. There is a bay near called the Chesapeake bay! It's between Maryland and Delaware!

What is the song of Delaware?

Our Delaware

What is Delaware's river?

The Delaware River was named after Delaware because the Cherokee indeans named Delaware and the Delaware River.

Where is the Fort Delaware Society in Delaware City Delaware located?

The address of the Fort Delaware Society is: Po Box 553, Delaware City, DE 19706-0553

What is the river that flows through Delaware?

The Delaware river flows to through Delaware. It forms a border between Pennsylvania and Delaware.

What are the 3 largest cities and their population in Delaware?

Wilmington, Delaware (70,851)Dover, Delaware (36,047)Newark, Delaware (31,454)

What are the major water ways in Delaware?

Delaware River Chesapeake & Delaware Canal