What are facts about Delaware?

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DelawareCapital:Dover Population:783,600 people Entered the Union:December 7,1787 Nicknames:The Diamond State and/or The First State Flower:Peach Blossom Bird:Blue Hen Chicken Bordering States:Borders Maryland,Pennyslvania,and New Jersey State Insect:Delaware has a state insect!The ladybug was adopted as the official state insect in 1974 after a group of elementary school children convinced the state legislature to do so. State Beverage:Milk State Star:Delaware Diamond State Tree:American Holly Largest City:Wilmington

These are just some very important facts you should know about.

Also in Delaware they play ballet,baseball,football,listen to music,hockey,and soccer
The US state of Delaware

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Q: What are facts about Delaware?
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