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Q: What are facts about Juno the roman goddess?
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What are facts about the Roman God Juno?

The roman goddess Juno was the goddess of marrige and life and is equivalent to the greek god Hera acording to legond Juno was married to Jupiter- god of the sky.

Who was the roman goddess of marriage?

The Roman goddess of marriage is Juno.

Who was Hera Juno?

the goddess of marriage is hera to the Greeks and juno was the roman goddess of marriage

What is the roman goddess of hera?


How did June get its name?

The roman goddess, junius, which is also the goddess Juno in roman/greek mythologyThe month is named after the Roman goddess Juno, wife of Jupiter and equivalent to the Greek goddess Hera.

Which month is named after a goddess?

June, for the Roman goddess Juno.

How do you write Juno in Hebrew?

Juno (the roman goddess) = Yuno (יונו)

What was the appearance of the Roman goddess Juno?

The Roman goddess Juno, AKA Hera, was almost as beautiful as Aphrodite. She had curly brown hair.

Did Juno the roman goddess have sisters?

yes she did

Who was the roman goddess of marriage and woman?


Which Roman goddess is June named after?


Can you give facts about Hera other than she is wife of Zeus?

She is the Greek goddess of family and her roman name is Juno.

Is Ceres the same god as Juno?

No. Ceres is the Roman goddess of the harvest and Juno is the Roman goddess of marriage and the queen of the gods. They are sisters, though.

Where did the month of June get its name?

from the roman goddess juno, the goddess of marriage

What does the roman goddess Juno represent?

Well first off Juno means Hera. Juno is the Goddess of Marriage. Her husband is Jupiter. (Zeus).

Juno Queen of the Roman gods derived from what equivalent Greek goddess?

Juno was the equivalent of the Greek goddess Hera.

Who are the parents of the Roman goddess Venus?

Jupiter and Juno.

What are the symbols of the Roman goddess Juno?

peacock and cow

What did the roman goddess Juno wear?

She had a goat skin

Common females in Roman mythology?

well there is female roman goddesses like Juno, Venus, Minerva. Juno is the goddess of marrige. Venus is the goddess of beauty. Minerva is the goddess of strategy.

Who was the goddess of marriage?

The Greek goddess of marriage is Hera. Her Roman counterpart is Juno.

Which goddess was the month of June named for?

June was named after the Roman goddess Juno, the Roman equivalent of the Greek goddess Hera.

What was the Greek name of the Roman goddess Juno?

Juno's name in Greek mythology was Hera.

What was hera the roman goddess favorites?

Hera was a Greek Goddess, her Roman counterpart was Juno. Juno was the protector and special counselor of the state. Her aspect was war like.

Who was the Roman goddess Juno?

Juno was the queen of the gods, goddess of marriage and married to Jupiter, the king of the gods. Her Greek counterpart is Hera.