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The Lincoln Douglas debates had a huge impact on the future of Abraham Lincoln. Despite losing his bid to become the senator of Illinois, Lincoln made a name for himself.

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Q: What are facts about Lincoln and Douglas Debates?
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What were the debates about slavery between Lincoln and Douglas called?

....The Lincoln Douglas Debates

What was the key issue in the lincoln-douglas debates?

The key issue in the Lincoln-Douglas debates was slavery. Lincoln and Douglas were viewed as contenders for the 1860 presidential election.

When did president Lincoln loose to Stephan A. Douglas?

In the 1858 election for senator. During this event, Lincoln and Douglas held a series of debates, known as the Lincoln-Douglas debates.

What did Abraham and Lincoln and Stephen Douglas debate in the Lincoln Douglas debates?


In the Lincoln-Douglas debates Douglas tried to make Lincoln appear to be?

(an abolitionist)

When was Lincoln Douglas debates?


The Lincoln-Douglas debates were a series of debates held between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas during their campaign for which office?

U.S. senator

Who supported Lincoln in the Lincoln-Douglas debates?

antislavery forces

Who was involved in the Lincoln Douglas Debates?


The topic of the Lincoln-Douglas debates was what?


When and where did the Lincoln Douglas Debates begin?


What are the release dates for The Lincoln-Douglas Debates - 1976 TV?

The Lincoln-Douglas Debates - 1976 TV was released on: USA: 8 October 1994