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What are facts about SE Hinton's life?

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S.e. Hinton was inspired to write her book "The Outsiders" when her best friend , a greaser got beaten to death.

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Did SE Hinton write a book with Jodi Picoult?

No Jodi Piccoult wrote the introduction for one of SE Hintons books

When was Hintons created?

Hintons was created in 1871.

What is SE Hintons full name?

S.E. Hinton's real name is Susan Eloise Hinton, but she used her initials so boys wouldn't be put off about the author being a girl and not read the book.

Who is S.E. Hintons husband?

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What was s e hintons significance?

she was an author and she started to write after her father died.

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Who are S.E. Hintons parents?

John F. Kennedy and Barrock Obahma. and jonathon jakkett

What is S E hintons pen name?

that is her pen name. S.E. Hinton is her pen name.

Why was S.E Hintons name is not given?

She didn't want her audienes' thoughts on her books to be influenced by her gender.

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Who is jimmy in the dedication of The Outsiders?

S.E hintons cousin. she said so on her website she was fond of her cousin jimmy :)

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