What are facts about Scutum?

Updated: 11/9/2022
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It is a circular shield that the Romans used

scum tum is a Latin word for shield

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Q: What are facts about Scutum?
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What is the latin word for shield?

Scutum (-i, n).

What is shield in Latin?

Scutum (-i, n).

Amor est gladius ac scutum in English?

Amor est gladius ac scutum is Latin for "Love is sword and shield".

What was the best roman armor?

The Scutum (shield) .

What is the translation of the words Shield of Christ in Latin?

Scutum Christi.

What is the back of a turtle call?

The shell, carapace scute or scutum.

Amor est gladius ac scutum?

"Love is a sword and a shield."

What did a Roman soldier call his shield?

Scutum - is the Roman soldiers' shield

What is the latin translation for shield?

Scutum (pronounced /'skjuːtəm/ in English; pl. scuta) is the Latin word for "shield", although it has in modern times come to be specifically associated with the rectangular, semi-cylindrical body shield carried by ancient Roman legionaries. The shield's curved shape covered the wielder's front and sides, affording excellent protection.

What constellations border Sagittarius?

aquila scutum scorpius Capricorn and a few more

What is the turtle's house called?

A turtle makes its own house called a shell, scute or scutum.

What is the roman weapon?

It is a shield. The Latin word is scutum and comes from prior to the empire. Prior to and after the Empire the shields tended to be oval or round. During most of the empirical period they were rectangular. Excellent images can be seen of both styles by searching for "scutum (shield)" on wikipedia.