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There were approximately 3000 New Model Pocket Shotguns made c. 1876-1896. Between 1896 and 1905 approximately 1000 New Model Pocket Shotgun No 39's were made. Both models were chambered for 38 or 44 shot and .410. The status of these guns under the Firearms Control Act is questionable. The original New Models should be antiques and therefore exempt from the act, but the No 39 may not be. IF it has an 18" barrel and is at least 26" overall length without the stock, it should be ok, but others would be short barrelled shotguns and require the same registrations as a machine gun. If it was not registered in 1934 or during an amesty period in 1968, it cannot be registered now.

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Q: What are facts about Stevens pocket rifles with a smooth bore?
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