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What are facts about U-Boats?


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the Germans' launhced the 1st U boat in 1906 and from the German word- U boat-meaning (underseaboot) the meaning explains what type of ship the U boat was like. like a submarine, but even bigger, it's modified karp was 139 feet long, displaced 239 tons, and had a range of 2,000 miles, a surface speed of 11 knots, and a submerged speed of 9 knots, and was joined by it's twin- U-2, in 1908.


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Yes the Germans created uboats, they have had them since the dawn of time, litterally

The Allies sunk German Uboats. Uboat, not you-boat. Uboats stand for Unterseeboot - undersea boat.

The submarines attacked Pearl Harbor

It sank up to 2,779 ships in world war 2

the u boat is a submarine. it was made to hit and sink British ships

Through the years of WW 1, 360 U-Boats were put into service.

Yeah I actually think the lusitania was one of the first boats sunk from a Uboat

The invention of radar helped the Allies to locate and sink the German U Boats.

the Germans used uboats and kept torpedoing cargo ships so the inhabitants didn't get the supplies they needed

The Germans then threatened to use only Uboats for war and blew up a few ships.

because of the alliances the US had made previous to the start of the war along with the threat of the German Uboats attacking US civilians and property.

Uboats were made to attack and sink merchant ships carrying supplies to Great Britain. Germany knew if they managed to cut Britain's supplies off then they would be unable to continue the war. They did this by launching torpedos which blew holes in enemy ships under the waterline, causing them to take on water and sink. As the war progressed, more and more were built to combat military ships as well as merchant vessels. Hope this helps.

items were in short supply for Britain because all their cargo ships bringing food and other things in from the US were torpeoded and sunk by the German UBoats

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The Nazi Germans sent out UBoats (submarines) and other ships to sink merchant ships and even cruise ships to prevent the cargo from reaching the United Kingdom.

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If there were U-boats in the Black Sea they could have traveled throug the Mediterranean Sea, the Aegean Sea, the Sea of Marmara, the Hellespont, and the Bosphorus into the Black Sea.

Much of the East coast was blacked out as Nazi Uboats were sinking shipping all the way from NY to FL. They also did some shelling with their small deck guns.

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