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It kills you, and is nearly 100% preventable.

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What are 5 facts about aids?

aids is not intresting 0-0

Facts about first aid?

Band-aids are in it.

What are What are facts about mosquitoes?

they drink blood giving you malaria and H.I.V/AIDS

Who are celebrities with AIDS that are still alive?

Taylor Swift does NOT have AIDS. She volunteers her time to HELP people with HIV/AIDS, but she's not infected. Get your facts straight before starting a rumor like this.

Is the AIDS Virus directly related to the Roswell Event?

Since there are no facts approving that, the answer will be no.

What are the statistics on AIDS in Trinidad and Tobago?

"what is the population of Trinidad and tobago" that statement is bias and disrespectful to the citizens of Trinidad and tobago and i am a citizen so does that mean i have hiv or aids no so get your facts straight

What is the polity in the African Methodist Episocal church?

Aids aids aids aids aids aids aids aids aids aids aids aids aids aids aids aids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is the importance of wavelength?

Aids aids aids aids aids aids aids aids

Does color of text affect your memory?

Yes; studies have shown that effective color-coding of facts, for example, aids in memory.

Does science give us knowledge?

Science provides the facts. Knowledge is the memory of creating relationships between facts. So Science aids knowledge by increasing and verifying the essential raw materials of knowledge. ?

How many types of AIDS is there?

You got the HIV Aids the Magic Johnson Aids, the Eazy-E Aids, Rite Aids, Hearing Aids, Visual Aids, Presidential Aids just to name a few kinds of Aids.

When did we get AIDS?

we. no no no. we dont have aids. you have aids.

Why are HIV and AIDS part of the lives of learners also including teachers?

because people like you need to know the effects about life to avoid things like std's, AIDs And HIV. it is very important. It causes your life if you have that. So we need to learn about HIV and AIDs and teachers needs to know the facts to teach it to others.

What are the top 6 killer diseases in Australia?


What are 5 facts to know about stds?

They are dangerous and many don't have cures for. Most common one is HIV or AIDS. the only curable one is Hepatitis B and the most deadly is AIDS which can be spread not only sexually but through drugs as well needles.

How can you tell if you have aids?

if you have aids, then you have aids, game over

Do Trina have aids?

no Trina does not have aids

Does Shakira have AIDS?

No, she does not have AIDS, but she does have a charity for people with AIDS.

Can you get aids from a person who does not have aids?

No No, to get AIDS you must have physical contact with another person who has AIDS. You cannot get AIDS if you did not have physical contact with another person who has AIDS. Hope this helped !

Can you be born with aids?

Yes, you can be born with aids if the mother has aids.

What the diagnosis for aids?

The diagnosis for AIDS is AIDS. Do you mean symptoms?

What are causes of aids-?

HIV is the cause of AIDS. Aids is after HIV.

What is the difference between aids and tuberculosis?

the difference between aids and tb is that tb is tb and aids is aids

Is AIDS the third stage of HIV?

the first stage of aids is std's stage two of aids is hiv...........stage three of aids is well.......AIDS!

Does khia have aids?

no she does not .