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Dizziness from overheating is usually caused by the dilation of blood vessels in the brain. It could be the beginning of a heat injury.

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Why is dizziness caused?

dizziness can be caused by a sudden dip in heart rate or glucose levels.

What is dizziness and belly pain a symotom of?

Dizziness and belly pain can be caused by dehydration and anxiety.

What causes dizzeness?

Dizziness can be caused by many of things. It could be caused by sickness, been pregnant or high blood pressure.

Could you give a sentence with dizziness?

The flashing lights caused dizziness in some of the visitors. He feel down because of the dizziness from riding the roller coaster.

How to stop dizziness caused by an ear infection?

Go to the doctor

What caused motor fires in the Pontiac Fieros?

Poor oil control and overheating on the 2.5L caused the fires.

What caused cracked or checked brake drums?

Overheating, and rapid cooling.

Dangerous condition caused by overheating inside a nuclear reactor?


What is a Dangerous condition caused by overheating in a nuclear reactor?

Melting of the fuel

What is a dangerous condition caused by overheating inside a nuclear reactor?

The dangerous condition that can occur in a nuclear reactor and due to overheating is a nuclear meltdown.

What causes dizziness most of the time?

Problems in the inner ear are the most frequent cause of dizziness

Are dizziness and cramping normal in the first trimester?

Yes, dizziness, cramps and headaches are all normal in pregnancy - most often caused by hormonal fluctuations.

What Malaria which causes symptoms such as headache dizziness and diarrhea is caused by an?

animal protist

Can dizziness be caused by diet sodas?

Yes and if this is all that you are drinking and not eating it will make you dizzy.

What is the cause to my dizziness?

Four out of ten adults consult their doctors for the symptom of dizziness, or vertigo. Dizziness may be caused by medications, ear infection, or a brain disorder. It can possibly be caused by anemia, diabetes, or a deficiency in the thyroid, lack of vitamins, or the immune system. Your doctor will ask you when it happens, how often, how long, and are there any other accompanying symptoms.

What causes a Saturn to overheat in the summer?

Overheating can be caused by the thermostat, plugged radiator or a faulty headgasket. On the Saturn S-Series, overheating is more commonly caused by a missing air dam (if you mostly drive in town), or a failed cooling fan.

Does ceramic cookware crack easily?

Ceramic cookware has been known to crack easily caused by overheating. Ceramic cookware doesnt last as long as some think. Overheating has been caused by grease or oil getting to hot in the oven.

Can you take Theraflu with Depakote?

Yes, but be aware of light-headedness or dizziness caused by the cold medication.

When do automotive batteries explode or buldge?

that would be due to the battery overheating, possibly caused by overcharging.

Why watter gets into the intake system?

In a vehicle- a blown gasket caused by overheating, block warpage

What sudden illness is usually caused by a blockage of blood flow to the brain?

headache, dizziness, fainting, and passing out

Is dizziness a sign of pregnancy?

Dizziness can be caused by so many things thst it is not diagnostic. many women who are pregnant feel dizzy from time to time as the hormones and fluid balance of the body change.

What would cause dizziness and tingling fingers on both hands?

Dizziness and tingling in both hands and fingers can be caused by a pinched nerve or the limbs being asleep. It is best to see a doctor if this persists.

What is a dangerous condition caused by the overheating of the nuclear core of the reactor?

Overheating of the reactor fuel rods could damage the zircaloy sheaths and enable gaseous fission products to enter the reactor coolant stream. This alone would not be dangerous, but if a loss of coolant had caused the overheating then this could release activity into the secondary containment. What would follow from this depends on the individual design of the plant.

What causes an Xbox to red ring?

Red Rings are caused mostly by overheating or general hardware failure.

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