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Q: What are facts about insect eating bats?
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What is the difference between insect eating bats and fuit eating bats?

an insect eating bat eats insect and the fruit eating bats eat fruit

What is the difference between insect eating and fruit eating eating bats?

the difference is in what they eat

How insect eating bats and fruit eating bats a like?

they fly they are both nocturnal, they are both bats, they both eat different things.

Are fruit bats primates?

Bats are in a separate order from primates. Bats are divided into fruit eating and insect eating bats. Therefore, fruit bats are just bats, not primates.

What are facts about the giant armadilo?

The Armadillo is one of the largest insect-eating animals and it is related to a anteater

How do bats and insect-eating birds partition their food?

They use resource partitioning. GOOD LUCK!

Do bats catch live prey?

Yes, they will fly through insect swarms eating them as they fly.

What are insect eating bats?

moths, , flies, crickets, grasshoppers, planthoppers, leafhoppers, ants, assassin bugs, spittle bugs, cicadas, dragonflies, termites, stink bugs, and beetles

Where do frog-eating bats live?

somewhere around the world in caves dark caves

What is the name of an animal that hunts during the night and sleeps through day?

insect eating bats and wolves

Are bats born with teeth?

Young bats (pups) do. Microchiroptera (small insect eating bats, not fruit bats) are able to fly and eat within around 4-6 weeks.

Is a picther plant an insect eating plant?

Yes it is an insect eating plant answered by 4th grader