What are facts about inventor Sarah Boone?

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She improved the invention of the ironing board, parents: George Boone and Mary Maugridge, and husband: Jacob Stover. Born on May 18, 1867. Past away around September 14, 1919.
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How do you find a photo of Sarah Boone the inventor of the ironing board?

go on Google.com then type in Sarah Boone name in then enter then click image the u will see a black an d white piture of her -Incorrect, Sarah Boone is an African American inventor and the black and white photo on Google.com is of a older white women. There are no photos of Sarah Boone, the inv ( Full Answer )

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When was Sarah Boone born?

Sarah Boone was born on May 18, 1867 in Summit, Pike County, Mississippi, and died on September 14, 1919.

Who is Sarah Boone?

a famous black inventor, that invented a device which would help to neatly iron clothing

Who was Sarah Boone?

Sarah Boone was an inventer. She made an improvement of the ironingboard. She also was the first African American to get a U.S.patent.

When did Sarah Boone invent the ironing board?

She didn't invent the ironing board, but she did invent IMPROVEMENTS to it. Her improvements made it easier to iron ladies sleeves and waist lines. Her patent was dated April 26 1892

Where did sarah Boone grow up at?

Sarah Boone was born in 1832 and grew up in Craven County, NorthCarolina. She eventually moved to New Haven, Connecticut.

What other inventions did Sarah Boone make?

Sarah Boone was awarded the patent for the ironing board but didnot create any other inventions that were patented at the time. Herlife is actually somewhat of a mystery.

Who are Sarah boones parents?

Sarah Boone was an African American inventor of the ironing board.Her mother was Jane VanCleve and her father was Squire Jr. Boone.

What did Sarah Boone invent and when?

Sarah Boone received a patent for inventing the ironing board. Thatpatent was issued on April 26, 1892. She was about 60 years oldwhen the patent was approved.

What college did Sarah boone go to?

Sarah Boone was an African-American inventor, best known forcreating the ironing board. She did not attend any college oruniversity.

Sarah Boone pictures?

Sarah Boone is an African American woman who is famous forinventing the ironing board. There are many pictures of her thatare on the web.

What is an inventor?

An inventor is someone or something that invents objects useful to todays modern needs or wants

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What does an inventor do?

An inventor creates things for helpful or unhelpful purposes. An inventor also can create things which are made for neither, which have no purpose, but yet he is the creator of the object. Futhermore, in a philosphical matter, anyone can argue that they are an inventor of something, as we all crea ( Full Answer )

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What did Sarah Boone invented?

Sarah Boone was an African American inventor that patented a device on April 26, 1892 her device would neatly iron clothes. It is a device much like our modern day ironing board. It had collapsable wooden legs and a narrow board with a cushion on the top to iron clothes on.

What kind of education did Sarah Boone have?

she had a good education well her grandfarther help her because he mother and farther was slaves so they really didn't see her she was a smart women

What Sarah Boone invent?

Sarah Boone was an African American who invented an improvement to the ironing board and received a patent for it on 26-April-1892.

Where can you read the biography of Sarah Boone?

It is difficult to find information on Sarah Boone, an AfricanAmerican inventor who on April 26,1892, obtained United Statespatent rights for her improvements to the ironing board. Bernstein, Leonard, AlanWinkler, and Linda Zierdt-Warshaw. American Women in Technology: AnEncyclopedia. Santa Bar ( Full Answer )

Is he an inventor?

If he has thought of and built a working prototype of an idea which has made life easier for mankind which has not been done before, then he, whoever he is, is an inventor.

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What Sarah Boone famous for?

Sarah Boone was famous for being one of the first African American Inventors of her time.

Did Sarah Boone invent the iron?

Sarah Boone was an African American who invented an improvement to the ironing board, She received a patent for it on 26-April-1892.

Who made Sarah Boone famous?

Famous black inventor - African American patent holder ... Sarah Boone . An improvement to the ironing board (U.S. Patent #473653) was ... which made the mass production of affordable shoes possible.

Do Sarah Boone have family?

yes, eight kids, Edwin Rutherford, Miriam, George Boone M.D, Harriet, Amelia, Louisa, Preston Dr. , john, Gibson Taylor, Sarah, Elizabeth, Jane Boone , and Mary. Her husbands name was john Willcoxson.

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When was Sarah boones birthday?

Sarah Boone's birthday was March 7, 1878. She is an African-American inventor who is credited with making great advances to the design of the ironing board.

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Sarah Marshall was an inventor in 1860.she was a slave but marrieda freeman named James Boone, which is where she get her last namefrom. she got married at the age of 15 and had 8kids together.