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What is landscaping?

Landscaping has become more technological than natural, as fewprojects begin without bulldozers, lawnmowers, or chainsaws.Different areas have different qualities of plants. Fertilizers arerequired for this purpose in excess amounts as natural landscapingis done. Some landscapers prefer to use mix g ( Full Answer )

What is landscape?

Landscape is the art of arranging or modifying the features of ayard, an urban area, etc., for aesthetic or practical purposes. Ifone wishes to achieve a superior, beautiful looks, then it is bestto go in for an exceptional landscaper who goes beyond the ordinaryand incorporates principles of aesthe ( Full Answer )

How can I draw landscape?

If you mean a landscape then for a landscape with depth, you will need to have a horizon and vanishing point. It would be easier if you told what kind of landscape you want to draw.

What are the principles of landscaping?

The most important principles of landscaping are the design plan, plant materials and perspective.. A great design will fulfill the specific function and needs determined by the homeowner. Ideally, the hardscape materials will be chosen to perform and conform to the homeowners needs, taste and budg ( Full Answer )

What is a landscaper?

A landscaper is a person who designs and improves our landscape.They are playing a very important role so always choose a goodlandscaper like All In One Landscaper .

What is landscape paintings?

There are many different kinds of landscape paintings around theworld today. Landscape paintings are one that capture naturesbeauty.

What is a glaciated landscape?

A landscape which has been carved out by MASSIVE sheets of ice in the period of what is called 'the ice age' (when ice covered a huge % of the earths surface) the movement of this ice cuts through the landscape and forms distinctive features and patterns as they go which geographers and geologists r ( Full Answer )

How is the landscape of Saturn?

The correct term for the question first of all is, what is the landscape like on Saturn. Now the answer, the landscape on Saturn is mostly dusty. Follow me on Twitter @Drazenfx. ~Drazenfx

Landscape of Vietnam?

Vietnam contains lowlands, hills, and forested highlands. Thecountry also consists of rivers and mountains, including the RedRiver Delta, and the Central Mountains.

What rhymes with landscape?

hand shake tooth ache asassinate nothing matches landscape exactly but here are the closest ones: 1. Video tape 2. Adhesive tape 3. Natural Shape 4. Fire escape If you want to find more, follow this link: http://www.rhymezone.com/r/rhyme.cgi?Word=cape&typeofrhyme=perfect&org1=syl&org2=l

What is the landscape of Saturn?

the rings of Saturn are made of small particles of ice, also it has no solid surface Improved answer by Drazenfx: The landscape of saturn is covered with dust and rovky solids. The ring is made up of different chunks of rock and ice. ~Drazenfx

What is a FLAT landscape?

A lanscape with no contours A Flat landscape has no hills, valleys or dips, Yep, just flat terrain, such as a lawn or a backyard.

What is Arid Landscapes?

An Arid Landscape is a landscape that lacks water or moisture, usually due to low or lack of annual rainfalls. Arid landscapes are parched, dry lands that cannot ideally support plant growth. Deserts are arid landscapes.

What is the landscape of the moon?

The moons landscape is very dusty and dry. The moons surface isfilled with craters that were made by large objects.

What is a landscape?

The shape of the land has a profound effect on living things, mainly because it produces local differences in climate. A deep river valley has a very different climate from a sheltered inland area a few kilometers away.

What is Greece's landscape?

Much of Greece lies on a large peninsula that sticks out from Europe into the Mediterranean Sea.Greece is at the southern tip of the Balkan Peninsula. Most of Greece is rocky and mountainous. High peaks separate valleys and plains. There are over 6000 islands in Greece.

What is a landscape format?

The Orientation from "Portrait" to "Landscape." This will flip the page on the screen to an 11-inch width and 8.5-inch height .

What is the landscape of Antarctica?

It is a very cold and dry landscape and is not suitable forlong-term human habitation. Ninety-eight percent of the continentis covered with an ice sheet.

What do you do in landscaping?

my dad is a landscaper and he sells trees ,plants,and installs them. he also does brick paving. he does beautiful ponds to!. i hope this helps you!

What does a landscape designer do?

A landscape designer designs the landscaping around a home orbusiness. They usually have a landscape architecture degree but notalways. The work closely with the landscape crew as well.

What makes a landscape a landscape?

A landscape incorporates all of the visible physical features of an area of land. This would include geological formation, human elements, flora and fauna, and other elements such as weather.. The term "landscape," however, is used in various ways such as "cultural landscape" or "economic landscape ( Full Answer )

What is the landscape of London?

It varies a lot but it is mostly houses, shops and offices with higher buildings in the centre. There are some parks and areas of open land.

What is a landscape drawing?

It is a drawing of nature, such as a field or some other outsideelement. There is a better example and a picture in the relatedlink section.

What is the landscape in Malawi?

Malawi has a wide range of landscapes. It is quite a green country.It has lots of trees. It has many mountains. One of the largestlakes in Africa is Lake Malawi, which forms part of the country.

What does a landscape arcichtect do?

A landscape architect will design the landscaping around a building. Things like the location of grass, flower beds, hedges, trees, walls, fountains, etc.

Is there an adjective for landscape?

The word landscape is used as an adjunct (adjective) in most cases. These include landscape plants and landscape painters.

What rhymes with landscaping?

1. aping 2. craping 3. draping 4. escaping 5. gaping 6. heaping 7. kidnaping 8. landscaping 9. leaping 10. raping 11. reaping 12. reshaping 13. scaping 14. scraping 15. shaping 16. soaping 17. taping 18. videotaping 19. xeriscaping from: rhymezone.com

How do you landscape in WordPad?

Go to the File menu and then Page Setup. You will find the option to change between Landscape and Portrait there.

What is the landscape for Lyon?

It has a very extremely rocky and mountainous landscape. It isuninhabitable! temperature soar to 50 degrees Celsius and there is dailysnowstorms!

What is the landscape of Somalia?

The country of Somalia has two types of conditions: an arid desert condition and also a tropical one.

What do landscapers make?

Pretty landscapes. They earn money based on how good they and theircrew are. The best can make six or seven figure incomes. The worstcan make hamburgers at their next job.

Is landscape a noun?

Yes, the word 'landscape' is a noun (landscape,landscapes) and a verb (landscape, landscapes,landscaping, landscaped. The noun 'landscape' is a word for an expanse of scenery that canbe seen in a single view or a picture depicting an expanse ofscenery; a word for a thing.

What is an interior landscaper?

It's a person who decorates a garden or does fountains or paved path ways etc etc.............

What are symbolic landscapes?

Symbolic landscapes are representitives of particular values oraspirations that the builders wish to impart to a large portion ofthe relevant population. An example of this can be pointed to manygovernment buildings in the United States, such as courthouses.Using a neoclassical style which can symbo ( Full Answer )

What is an adventure landscape?

An adventure landscape is sort of a landmark and tourist place forinstance cheddar george, the Sahara desert, the amazon rainforest,the Great Barrier Reef,Antarctica a theme park ,Alaska, NewZealand, the Alps , the Himalayas ect..also you would describe anadventure landscape by in clouding.. tourist ( Full Answer )

What is landscape grading?

Landscape grading is like a survey of land. It's like if you play a golf video game and it shows the square grid overlay and shows the curves.

What is the purpose of landscaping?

The intent of the ordinance is to promote the health, safety, and general welfare of the citizens by preserving and enhancing the City's natural environment; to facilitate the creation of a convenient, attractive, and harmonious community; to conserve natural resources including air, water, and land ( Full Answer )

What does landscaping consist of?

Landscapers are people who care for the lawn or the garden of ahome. They cut the grass, they improve the irrigation system sothat the lawn gets enough water, they help to get rid of commonpests, and they work with the owner of the home to create abeautiful outdoors by selecting the right shrubs and ( Full Answer )

What is green landscaping?

Green landscaping is, to paraphrase the UN, a sustainable landscape improvement project that satisfies the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations. Wikipedia defines sustainability as " the capacity to endure. " To give an analogy, green landscaping is to land ( Full Answer )

What is the landscape of a Jaguar?

Well, I'm guessing you aren't the smartest ever, because there's no such thing as a landscape of a jaguar. Did you mean environment? Because that would make a lot more sense. You see, a jaguar is what we call an animal. And a landscape is the terrain. So unless there's a place somewhere in the world ( Full Answer )

Where can you get landscaping services?

at most "mom and pop" restauraunts have business cards posted on a bulletien board or hand out fliers. Craigslist is also another good place to find landscaping services.

What is landscape management?

Generally landscape management concern with the landscape design,landscape architecture, landscape construction. All this abovementioned tasks are manage by landscape manager. Gardening alsocomes under the landscaping. check out the following link wherethey explain the few of services which comes un ( Full Answer )

What is the landscape of the area?

Well it actually depends on what area you are in. For example if you are in a city then the landscape is high, build up. But if you are on a mountain the landscape is rocky and mountainous.

What is the landscape in the ocean?

Landscape, by definition, exists on dry land, not in the ocean. The ocean floor might be described as a sea-scape.

When did landscapes start?

There is no specific time for landscaping. but most of the people do the landscaping in spring. before starting landscaping do some analysis of your landscaping space. You can meet some landscaping contractor and take some good ideas from them.

Is landscape an adjective?

It can be an adjective, but it is usually a verb or a noun. When used with another noun as in landscape artist , it is functioning as a noun adjunct. However, when used in another sense, to mean a type of orientation (e.g. landscape view ), it can indeed be considered an adjective.