What are facts about models?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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There are many interesting facts about modeling, such as:

- Of all the working models in the industry, only 1% actually make it to supermodel status.

- Modeling has been ranked among the worst jobs to have in America and when the numbers are crunched, it shows that the average working model usually makes $11.22 an hour.

- Most modeling careers for women end between the ages of 22-25.

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- They play a key role in the fashion and advertising industry
- Many models, mainly supermodels, use their celebrity status to give back to the community and create charities as well as foundations that help promote various good causes
- Modeling can help a young, awkward young girl feel like they are a part of something and are able to connect with others in their situation

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- It is a very competitive industry

- It holds height, weight and size requirements that are strict and do not reflect the real way women and men appear

- Only 1% of all working models reach supermodel status

- Most fashion models' careers are over by the time they are 25

- Print models lead the longest careers

- Fashion and runway models start their careers as young as 13-years-old

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Q: What are facts about models?
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