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1. it is in North America

2. it is located in the northern hemisphere

3. its flag colors are white and red and has a maple leaf on it

4. its symbols are the beaver and the maple leaf

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What are historical facts about canada?

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What are some unusual facts about Canada?

Canada has the most lakes in the world.

What are some interesting historical facts about Canada?

canada has lots of snow

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Draw 2 circles overlaping each other and label one canada and the other us label the middle canada and us then find some facts about us and canada if they both have two facts the same then put the fact in the middle circle if they both have diffrent facts put the facts in its own country.

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•80% Inuit •1/100 of Canada •nickname: foot of Canada

What are facts about the Canadian Shield?

There are many facts on the Canadian Shield, but here are a few facts about it:It covers half of CanadaIt is the biggest landform region in CanadaIt is rich in mineral resources such as nickel, copper, zinc, and lead

What are facts on Canada?

Actually, Some people think Santa Clause lives in Canada. But the North Poleisn't in Canada. I was checking around and there isn't much more weird or funny-ish facts out there. It kinda sucks!

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Justin beiber is from canadia.

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They call everybody a hosehead,eh?

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Some interesting facts are: 1. It covers half of Canada 2. It is the biggest region in Canada 3. Scientists estimate it was formed 2 billion years ago

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Lake Michigan isn't part of Canada.

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it started when the stock markets crashed

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canadians hve giant penises

What are facts about the Subarctic indians of Canada?

They are made up of many many tribes.

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