What are facts about precipitation?


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there is no new water on earth becauseof the water cycle

it is a part of the five steps of the water cycle
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What is precipitation.

Deserts receive less tha 10 inches (250mm) of precipitation per year. Deserts have an evaporation rate that far exceeds the precipitation rate.

the average precipitation is 10 inches or 250 millimeters a year. ;D

Grasslands in the southern hemisphere tend to get more precipitation than those in the northern hemisphere.

Frontal precipitation Relief precipitation Convectional precipitation

It has no precipitation.

Snow is considered a form of precipitation.

Rain is precipitation, but not all precipitation is rain. Precipitation also includes snow, sleet, and hail.

Acid precipitation weather rocks faster than normal precipitation because acid precipitation has a higher concentration of acid than normal precipitation.

why does precipitation occurs

a good sentence for precipitation is Yesterday I was watching precipitation fall.

1. there are three different ways in which rainfall and clouds are formed frontal, relief and convectional. 2.there are 4 ways in which precipitation can fall snow, rain, hail, and sleet 3.in some places hail stones get as big as 4 inches!

Snow is frozen precipitation.Carelessness is a synonym for precipitation.When a solid is formed in a solution, and falls to the bottom of the container, it is called a precipitation.

Sleet is a form of precipitation

Precipitation is formed by water.

Yes there is a precipitation in the ocean

yes, America has precipitation!!

Co precipitation = Simultaneous precipitation of more than one compound from a solution Post precipitation = It is a process during the precipitate in the mother liquor; a second precipitation is slowly precipitate with the precipitating agent.

• Precipitation is settling down of insoluble particles from a solution. Co-precipitation is a process in which normally soluble compounds are carried out of solution by a precipitate. • In precipitation, normally insoluble compounds are precipitated. But in co-precipitation normally soluble compounds are precipitated. • Co-precipitation incorporates contaminants into the precipitate, whereas precipitation can result in both pure and contaminated precipitates.

-the hydrological cycle is also called the water cycle -it consists of precipitation, evaporation, transpiration, and condensation -it happens over, and over again, and again

saturn has no precipitation at all

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