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School uniforms date as far back as the school system itself, and were common in Catholic countries (as they deemed clothes that we wear today are inappropriate).

Some think that school uniforms are a powerful symbol of oppression, and have no real benefit for the school. Some also think that they are very bad for students. A school uniform policy inhibits students' freedom of choice. Schools teach students that our country is a free one, but when school boards make students wear what they tell them to -- it goes against the students' freedom. We, the students, would like our freedom just as the adults would want their freedom. If this is a "free" country but with uniforms in public schools, is it really "free?"

Uniforms were sometimes used to convince students that they were part of a "herd". We should have free dress because clothing is how we express ourselves. School uniforms inhibit student's individuality and creativity. We often express our feelings through the clothing that they wear. Uniforms will take away this form of expression. The future needs free thinking children to become the thinkers of tomorrow, not drones who will continue making the mistakes of previous generations. We "need" free dress because it gives us creativity. Without creativity then there would be no Eiffel tower, no Gateway Arch, no Great Pyramids of Egypt, there would be no Leaning Tower of Pisa, there would be no Twin Towers, no White house and there would be no future flying cars, no moving sidewalks.

An issue of Uniform/Dress code is cost. Many of our parents shop for our clothes at used and discount stores. Uniforms can cost more money than our family might be able to afford. This has remained the main reason of cons of school uniform to become popular. We also would need to buy additional clothing to wear after school and on the weekends. That's double the amount of money we would spend than we would without the uniforms. However, uniforms do cost less than fashion clothing, and the more that is manufactured, the less expensive they will become. Plus uniforms may be donated to thrift stores or given to other students when they are no longer needed.

Statistics says, "School Uniforms do not cut down on bullying. No matter what you dress the students in, others will always find a way to pass judgment upon their peers. The clothes are not the root cause of bullying and therefore the bullying will continue, regardless of dress policy. No matter what clothing rules apply, others will always find ways to pass judgment upon each other. In fact, not having uniforms and having a minimal dress code will do more to stop bullying. That way, those who don't respect the rights of others enough to let them be different without harassing or bullying them will make themselves known so they can be disciplined. Exposing children to difference and punishing them if they misbehave around difference might do more to reduce bullying. Uniforms only mask the real problems.

Bill Clinton said, "If it means that teenagers will stop killing each other over designer jackets, then our public schools should be able to require their students to wear school uniforms."

However, uniforms do not actually promote school safety, as schools in countries with a strong tradition of school uniforms are no better than American schools.

Statistics also say that there is no credible evidence that school uniforms improve school discipline or promote higher academic achievement. The principal argument is that some great students are terrible dressers. Dress does not necessarily improve learning.

Requiring uniforms will not end dress code violations in a school, as some proponents argue. Students will still find a way to wear a uniform inappropriately.
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Why do schools have uniforms?

Uniforms are believed to provide a uniformity. It eliminates distractions based on what people are wearing. It also evens the playing field on social status.

Why do you have school uniforms?

We have school uniforms so that when your school goes on trips, the teachers/staff know which colour to look for. Changing the subject however, i think that school uniforms are a bad idea, these are some reason why: They don't show your independence, they are a waste of money, they are no use ou ( Full Answer )

What are school uniforms?

A school uniform is a outfit the school puts out to all of the students that go to that school. From a student point of view it's usually uncomfortable to wear. From a parent's point of view they are often too expensive initially, and at the rate kids grow the uniform items don't last.

Compulsory school uniforms?

100% FOR!!!!!!!!! Answer 2: everyone in my old school agreed 95% no everyone in my new class 98% no (some people werent in that day) and i think 1000000000000000000000 and beyond% no ^thats against uniforms btw

What are the Con's to the School Uniform?

- students can't express themselves. they will then try to alter their uniforms (girls roll up their skirts, etc) - the uniforms are quite expensive - they may be uncomfortable

School uniforms pros and cons?

Pros: Students are not competing with each other for best outfit; no one wears anything that may distract others; no one can tell who is rich and who is poor; no one can wear anything provocative or innappropriate; improves students attendance Cons: Uniforms can be expensive; there is no freedom of ( Full Answer )

Do teachers have to wear uniforms in school?

It is not necessary for teachers to wear uniforms. After all, their schooling days are over and relief of not having to put on another boring standard uniform would definitely be extinguished. However, it is of utmost importance that teachers dress appropriately and within certain guidelines. Th ( Full Answer )

Why should you wear school uniforms?

school uniforms stink and they are lame schools think we shouldd wear them because they think its cool but we should be able to express our self

What schools wear uniforms?

Boston New york Chicago Washington and many more . Most private and public schools in countries of the Commonwealth have uniforms. This includes the UK, New Zealand and Australia.

Should schools wear uniforms?

yes because it represents your school lets say your school is good ,the people would know its your school

Are school uniforms good or bad?

Maybe for some schools like in the bid towns with the gangs, but i do approve that there should be uniforms because there wouldn't be many stereo types. Take this example say there was a boy that didn't have west forty nine or like American eagle.. Well they would be called poor or like unfortunate ( Full Answer )

Do you have to were school uniform?

It depends on which school you're planning to go to. If it is a catholic or private school than there is a good chance that you will have to wear a uniform. If not than I don't think you'll have to wear a uniform.

Facts about school uniforms?

Uniforms vary by school. Some are worse than others, but most require you to tuck in your (collared) shirt. Most public schools employ the khaki, navy, or red color scheme.

Facts about school uniform?

School uniforms are a topic of much debate in the public school systems of the United States. Both sides have good points as to why or why not schools should require them of the students, and uniforms have gained in popularity in recent years.. Definition . School uniforms are specific clothes t ( Full Answer )

What are facts about school uniform being banned?

School uniforms are just another way to supress our growing imagination and creativity. The school board members want to have an assured feeling of power thus they force kids into uncomfortable clothing. Usually these uniforms are not appealing to the students residing in the school. Most experts ar ( Full Answer )

What schools have uniforms?

Here in the US, uniforms are typically seen in private schools, buthave also become very common in charter and public schools.

Why do school have uniforms?

Uniforms keep everyone on the same level, and prevent inappropriate dress. They are also a quick way to identify students in the event of an emergency, on field trips and at other school activities.

Do school uniforms help school?

I think that school uniforms help schools and students because if there are no school uniforms, kids that are not that wealthy would find it hard keeping up with the new fashion trends which could lead to bullying. It also helps the schools because they have less problems to deal with like bullying. ( Full Answer )

Facts against school uniforms?

Uniforms are needed in a school child's life but Don't you think sometimes this is annoying? I really do feel sometimes that uniforms doesn't give so much comfort in a students life. As you know Teenage is the time of enjoyment, the time of colours, feelings in life.At this time of life we'll be ( Full Answer )

Why are there school uniforms?

There are school uniform because it makes everyone equal. It also makes you look smarter as well.

Why do they have uniforms at schools?

They believe that uniforms put everyone on an even level and eliminates self-consciousness. . Clothes can be a distraction. . It prevents gang colors from being an issue.

Do schools usually but school uniforms?

Most schools will usually make you pay for school uniforms. You must likely will also have to purchase gym clothes for physical education.

Why is there uniforms in school?

To make the school look neat and organized. Also, if anyone wears something inappropriate, it's easier to find out.

Do school uniforms help in school?

Yes, because in lots of school that does not have uniforms, there are students who get bullied frequently because they can not afford fashionable clothes. So there are school uniforms, there will be less bullying going around the school. Unless you have to but something for your school uniform then ( Full Answer )

Is there more schools with uniform than schools without uniform?

About 25 percent of America's schools have successfully established a uniform policy, meaning that the remaining 75 percent are without a uniform policy. In short, there are more non-uniform schools than there are uniformed.

Should uniforms be worn in schools?

That has a lot to do with personal opinion... Therefore, you kind of have to answer it by yourself. Uniforms were introduced in to the Education system to standardise a dress code, remove class barriers where some could afford leading brand names whilst others could not. To identify an individual ( Full Answer )

Do you have too wear a school uniform?

Only if the school you go to enforces a uniform policy. Usually only catholic and private schools support such a policy.

Should uniforms be required in schools?

No, I don't think uniforms should be used in schools because the students need a little more freedom with what they wear during school hours. well i go to a uniform school and im really rich and when u go to a regular school people fight over whos clothes look better and when u go to a uniform sc ( Full Answer )

What are people saying about school uniforms?

According my people, uniforms are good for school children. Because at that age they shouldn't think of partiality in the basis of money and some other things. Uniforms may bring this habit to consider all the students as one.

What are facts about school uniforms in schools?

I am a principal in a school in Australia and I have parents andchildren that complain that school uniforms should not be allowedin school any longer because they cost too much, they areuncomfortable and ugly. Other reasons like those. Ugly uniforms isn't a reason to complain about than children'ssa ( Full Answer )

Effects of school uniforms to students?

While the majority of students will obviously reject the idea of uniforms in schools it is the best thing any school can do for these reasons: . It helps the parents save money on clothing for their children. . Not all students come from middle class or wealthy families so uniforms would make th ( Full Answer )

Are they going to stop school uniforms?

Not to my knowledge. As a matter of fact, if I understand correctly, the government is endorsing uniform policies. Uniforms seem to be a growing thing and more and more schools are establishing uniform policies because of it.

What are the negatives about school uniforms?

Creative expression is stifled for some students who need to express themselves through fashion. Especially during adolescence, when teenagers often feel insecure about their places in adult society, clothing fads can strengthen interpersonal bonds.

How does school uniforms affect schools?

On one hand it takes away the student's ability to fully express themselves through their clothing. It emphasises conformity at the expense of individuality. On the other hand, uniforms help people identify with a group. In the school situation particularly, it prevents the students from competing ( Full Answer )

How can school uniforms improve school?

it can help prevent bullying for the ppl ain't got any nice clothes but apart from that it doesn't do much but show that it is a neat and tidy school

How does school uniform represent your school?

All schools have a logo and a name and that name and logo is shown on your school uniform, to show others that your from the same school. You'd specially need to wear this when you are going to a school trip and you're lost'n all . Some girls might wear a dress the same color of their school's.

Why do schools like school uniforms?

Some schools choose to have uniforms in order to equalize students and to not have distractions. They're also to avoid inappropriate clothing. Another advantage is that if a stranger enters the school, they will be noticed because they aren't wearing a uniform.

How many schools do not were uniform and what schools?

I know there are about 200-500 schools in the UK. but Idon't know what they are called their are too many. There are about3,000 or more schools in the USA pretty much every school isnon-uniform.

Why there be uniform in school?

It was because the schools did not want to discriminate the children on the basis of their wealth, etc. No uniform would mean that poor children rock up to school with a low-standard set of clothes and rich children could show off their wealth while dressing. A very valid reason i think!

Why are school uniforms bad for schools?

is it not bad to have uniforms because it will make students have good or batter grades in school and i will have bullies not target a little kid bast on their clothing or what they wear so yea. this is how school uniforms are not bad. by Jacob Hazelip at Castle North Middle School if you have any q ( Full Answer )

How are school uniforms bad for school?

Not really. The private school I attended had a uniform dress code(polo/shorts or pants/sneakers or shoes) and it actually made iteasier to get ready in the morning and minimalized competition anddistraction during the school day. It makes it easier to follow ifyour school allows its students to ind ( Full Answer )

Why do you have to have uniforms in school?

some schools may not want their students to end up wearing inappropriate clothes or clothes that can cause problems. research says that schools that have students that wear uniforms are more educated, but the truth is that it doesn't make much effect besides the fact people may judge you or make fun ( Full Answer )