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Bill Clinton

This category is for questions about the 42nd President United States, William Jefferson Clinton.

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Who did former President George W. Bush support in the 2008 Presidential election?

John McCain because John McCain was a Republican same as George Bush. Obama was Democratic, their rival. ...
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What is Bill Clinton's net worth?

As of 2012, Bill Clinton is worth an estimated $80 million dollars. He is currently a motivational speaker and author. ...
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Did Bill Clinton live in chappaqua?

Yes. Bill Clinton lives in Chappaqua which is located in Westchester County of New York. Yep, saw him the other day asking the workers at D'Agostinos if they sold porno mags. ...
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Which political party was in power in1999?

The Democratic Party controlled the White House in 1999. However, the Republican Party controlled both chambers of Congress. In other words, the Republican Party had a majority in the House of Representatives and in the Senate. ...
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What city did Bill Clinton grow up in?

He was born in Hope, Arkansas, and raised in Hot Springs, Arkansas.
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What are Bill Clinton contributions to the world?

Giving the Chinese missile secrets. Like the ICBM. I completely disagree with whoever made that outrageous assertion! There is no evidence whatsoever that President Clinton ever approved of giving the Chinese missile secrets! Unfortunately, there are still many Americans that refuse to give any credit to Clinton for all the wonderful things he achieved while in office and since! He ended a recession he inherited from George H.W. Bush in 1993, by raising taxes on the wealthy. That ushered in 6 years of...
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How much surplus did the US have when Clinton left office?

Clinton ran deficits throught all 8 years of his term, and one can go to the US Treasury Department and looking through the history of the total outstanding debt through Clintons term. Every year Clinton was in office, the total national debt continued to climb. How Clinton managed to claim a surplus was that while the general operating budgets ran deficits but Clinton borrowed from numerous off budget funds to make the on budget fund a surplus. For example, in 2000, Clinton claimed...
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Which US Presidents have been impeached?

Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton were both impeached. Since some people think" impeached" means canned, sacked, fired, or given the boot. I will just clarify here that the act of impeaching is strictly a House of Representatives action. It is the House indicting the person for possible dissmissal . The trial is then held by the Senate. Neither Johnson or Clinton were convicted, so both remained in office. Other federal officials besides the President can be impeached by the House and tried by...
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Which US Presidents were impeached?

Andrew Johnson (in 1868) and Bill Clinton (in 1998) were the only two US presidents to be impeached. Neither one was convicted , so both finished their terms. Preliminary steps had begun in the House to impeach Richard Nixon when he resigned as President in 1974. ...
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Who was the vice-president for Bill Clinton?

Albert "Al" Gore Jr., from the state of Tennessee, served as the vice president during Bill Clinton's two terms as the US President from 1993 to 2001. He was the 45th Vice-President in the United States and served two terms. ...
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Why was Bill Clinton impeached?

Clinton was impeached by The House Of Representatives, because of allegedly lying about a sexual encounter he had with a junior member of the White House staff. What really got him into trouble was lying about it under oath. He was acquitted of the charge by the Senate. For more information see related link - added below. ...
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Why did Bill Clinton get married if he did not possess the restraint not to have an affair?

To run for political office . . . . In the US it is very difficult to successfully run for a political office (especially a high political office) unless you're married. That is something you will have to ask him. It is stated in many psychology texts that many times a man who is not brought with a father figure in the home and only by women, particularly many women may end up having serial partners or even sexual addictions problems. Bill...
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What is a word that covers nieces and nephews like siblings does brother and sisters?

Nibling denotes gender neutral noun of the son or daughter of a, more commonly known as a or a The term was coined to accommodate those instances where the gender of the child of a sibling is unknown such as when a sibling is first pregnant with a child. It is also used to avoid awkward inclusive gender-parsed phrases. A statement such as "I am going to visit my nephew and niece this weekend" can be easily reduced to "I...
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Where did Bill Clinton go to college?

Georgetown University (Bachelor of Science) (Foreign Service) Oxford (no degree) Yale Law School (Juris Doctor (J.D.))(Law) ...
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Did president Clinton get impeached as president?

Short answer: yes. The word "impeach" simply means to bring formal charges against. He was charged with perjury to a grand jury and obstruction of justice, which are both felonies, for giving false testimony to the special prosecutor appointed by the US Attorney General. After the House brings articles of impeachment, the Senate tries the case. A two-thirds majority is required for conviction. The vote was 45-55 on the perjury charge and 50-50 on the obstruction of justice charge, so there was no...
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Bill Clinton Salary?

200,000 a year
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Was Bill Clinton voted out of office?

No. He was impeached but not convicted and so stayed in office until his term ended. ...
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What state was Bill Clinton governor of before he was elected president?

Arkansas Bill Clinton was the Arkansas governor that became president.
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Was Bill Clinton been given 6 months to live?

Before his quadruple bypass heart operation, he was likely to have a serious heart attack at any time. He never had a terminal illness. ...
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Can one be a conservative Democrat?

Yes, just as one can also be liberal republican. These two views aren't bound to any political party. ...
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Why is Bill Clinton a Demagogue?

He's a demagogue in the eyes of the Left wing because he lasted 8 years, made a political comeback in 1996 after losing his Congress in 1994, and ended his presidency with high approval ratings. At least, this is what his supporters say. Quite frankly, I think he's a demagogue to them because he's the best thing the Democrat party has produced since Kennedy (which doesn't say too much for the Democrat party of the last fifty years). ...