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Please click on "California Condor facts" under "Related links" below.

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  1. They are the largest land birds in North America
  2. Can live for nearly 60 years
  3. Was thought to cause the moon cycles by native americans
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Q: What are facts about the california condor?
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Is a California condor a amphibian?

no, a California Condor is not and amphibian, it is a bird.

Which is bigger the Andean condor or the California condor?

the andean condor

What continent is the habitat of the condor?

The US has a species of condor called the California Condor, which of course lives in California! ;)

Why is the California condor called the California condor?

It is called the California condor because it lives in California and it is also the biggest bird. Even bigger than an Eagle!

What are California condors preditors?

An adult California condor's predators are: the human being and the golden eagle.Ravens prey on California condor eggs, while bearsfeed on condor children.The four aforementioned are the predators of the California condor.

What animal is related to the California condor?

Vultures are also related to the California condor

What is the Latin name for condor?

There are two species of condor: the Andean condor and the California condor.The Latin name for the Andean condor is Vultur gryphus.The Latin name for the California condor is Gymnogyps californianus.

What has the author Dick Smith written?

Dick Smith has written: 'California condor' 'Condor journal' -- subject(s): California condor

What is the predator of the California condor?

The California Condor is a Scavenger. It feeds off carrion, or dead animals.

Does a California condor live in Peru?

No, the Andean condor lives there.

what is a pome for the California Condor?

what kined of a pome would I be able to use for the California Condor I need it for tommarow

What is a animal that starts with California?

(California) Condor