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Q: What are facts about the mountain bluebird?
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When was Mountain Bluebird created?

Mountain Bluebird was created in 1798.

What is nevadas state bird?

The Mountain Bluebird.

How does the Mountain bluebird protect itself?

how does a mountain bluebird protect its self

How much does a Mountain bluebird weigh?

A mountain bluebird weighs about 1.1 ounces

Which state has the official name of the mountain bluebird?

The Mountain Bluebird is the state bird of Idaho and Nevada.

What is difference between the Eastern bluebird and the Mountain bluebird?

The main difference is their range. The mountain bluebird lives mainly in the Great Plains. The Eastern bluebird lives in prairies, orchards and clearings in primarily the eastern US. As for appearance, the major difference is that the eastern bluebird has an orange breast and the mountain bluebird has no orange anywhere.

What kind of blue is the Mountain Bluebird?

The Male mountain bluebird is a pale blue all over, darker above.

Nevada state bird?

The Nevada state bird is the mountain bluebird. It was designated as the state bird in 1967. It's also the state bird of Idaho.

What is the flower of Nevada?

mountain bluebird

What adaptations does a Mountain bluebird have?


What has the author Christopher Jan Herlugson written?

Christopher Jan Herlugson has written: 'Status and distribution of the Western Bluebird and the Mountain Bluebird in the State of Washington' -- subject(s): Bluebirds 'Biology of sympatric populations of western and mountain bluebirds' -- subject(s): Mountain bluebird, Western bluebird

Is a bluebird the same as a Mountain bluebirds?

There are actually three bluebirds - Western, Eastern and Mountain. The Mountain bluebird looks quite a bit different than the other two.