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What are facts about the sun?


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  • The Sun's diameter is about 870,000 miles wide.
  • The Sun is 109 times wider than Earth, and is 333,000 times heavier. That means if you put the Sun on a scale, you would need 333,000 objects that weigh as much as the Earth on the other side to make it balance.
  • The Sun is only one of over 100 billion stars.
  • Over one million Earths could fit inside the Sun.
  • Looking directly at the Sun can permanently damage your eyes because it is so bright.
  • The Sun is a star. A star mostly gives off light and heat. The larger the star, the hotter its temperature.
  • A super giant star can get to be 400 times larger than our Sun, which is almost a million miles in diameter.
  • The Sun is tilted at an angle.
  • The mass of the Sun is 1.98892 x 1030 kg. The sun takes up 99.8% of the Solar System's Mass. Therefore the mass of the rest of the solar system including planets is 1.99 x 1028 or 0.2% the mass of the solar system.
  • The temperature at the center of the Sun is approximately 15,000,000, degrees C.
  • The Sun is, at present, about 70% hydrogen and 28% helium by mass. Everything else ("metals") amounts to less than 2%.