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The giant vampire bat has a wingspan of about 40 inches!

they roost on hollow tree and caves.

Vampire bats can live up to nine years in the wild and up to 19 in captivity.

They are some of only bats that can walk, and run at speed of about 4.9 miles per hour.


Bats are small( about 7.5cm) (or 3 inches i think if 2.5 cm is one inch).

Most of the bats in the world eat only insects( only 70%)


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Facts about vampire bats?

The interesting facts about a vampire bat is that they can hear from a mile and can see (green,blue,red) in there vision!.

Which came first the vampire or the vampire bat?

There is no such thing as a vampire, so vampire bat.

What are the three types of vampire bat?

The 4 types of vampire bats are the1.white-winged vampire bat.2. common vampire bat3.hairy-legged vampire bat4.The endangered Indiana vampire bat

How many kinds of vampire bats are there?

three. the vampire bat, white winged vampire bat, and the harry legged vampire bat

How does a vampire bat move?

The Vampire Bat flies

What was the biggest vampire bat?

The false vampire bat is the biggest bat in world.

Is the vampire bat endangered?

No the vampire bat is not an endangered species.

Are vampire bat vertebrates or invertebrates?

A vampire bat is a vertebrate.

Where does a vampire bat live?

A vampire bat Lives In A Dark Cave.

What color is a vampire bat?

The color of a vampire bat is brown and black.!!!!!!

Who would win a fight a scorpion or a vampire bat?

vampire bat

What is the duration of The Vampire Bat?

The duration of The Vampire Bat is 1.18 hours.

How tall can a vampire bat be?

A vampire bat can be up to 5- 7 inches.

How much babies can a vampire bat have?

A vampire bat can have ONE baby at a time.

Who are vampire bats relatives?

Only the Bat species are the relatives to the Vampire Bat.

When was The Vampire Bat created?

The Vampire Bat was created on 1933-01-10.

Is a vampire bat a producer consumer or decomposer?

A Vampire Bat is a Consumer

When was Common Vampire Bat created?

Common Vampire Bat was created in 1810.

Passwords for Transylmania 2?

Level 2 bat, vampire, teddy, teddy, skull Level 3 bat, teddy, teddy, bat, bat Level 4 skull, teddy, bat, teddy, vampire Level 5 teddy, teddy, skull, skull, skull Level 6 bat, vampire, vampire, skull, teddy Level 7 vampire, skull, bat, vampire, skull

What are the cheat codes for transylmania 2?

Level 2: Bat-Vampire-Bear-Skull Level 3: Bat-Bear-Bear-Bat-Bat Level 4: Skull-Bear-Bat-Bear-Vampire Level 5: Bear-Bear-Skull-Skull-Skull Level 6: Bat-Vampire-Vampire-Skull-Bear Level 7: Vampire-Skull-Bat-Vampire-Skull

What 3 bats feed on blood?

Only Vampire bats feed on blood. The species that do this are the Common Vampire Bat, the Hairy-Legged Vampire Bat and the White-Winged Vampire bat.

What kind of habitats do vampire bats live in?

a vampire bat lives in a cave a vampire bat lives in a cave

What layer of a rainforest does a vampire bat can be found?

A Vampire bat is found in the emergent layer.

How much can a vampire bat wiegh?

A vampire bat weighs about 2-5 pounds.

Does the vampire bat eat insects?

It drinks blood, that's why it is called a vampire bat.