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What are facts from Andromeda strain?

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February 22, 2012 9:01AM

If any of it is based on truth it is top secret. But the idea of a top secret lab under ground for the purpose of researching a bio terrorists weapon or something from space is conceivable. I have heard of military people saying they have seen bases like this.

If there was a space probe called scoop designed to scoop up space organisms to make into a weapon is not beyond the CIA, I believe. But I do not believe the Congress would fund it or allow it. Then again it could have been passed off a research or part of NASA . It is said the book was based on a government paper, a study not a happening. If a plague wiped out a small town it would be in the news, no way to hide it. The orginisum was interesting a mineral crystal that fed on energy. Also not impossible.