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What are family friends on sims?


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Family friends are simply that, friends of your sims family.


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By increasing your stats and getting more family friends

Family and friends.Family and friends.Family and friends.Family and friends.Family and friends.Family and friends.Family and friends.Family and friends.Family and friends.Family and friends.Family and friends.

That is an easy one! In the lower right you have a crystal and the needs(the left of the needs is the crystal) and below it you have few more icons. Click the relationship icon. And you will see pictures of your sims friends and family, lovers, best friends.... The one that has a red hearth below their picture. In that sims your sims is in love with!

You can have 8 sims in your family in the original Sims for the PS 2

One of your family or friends have to die and then you may or may not see it , you just have to wait and see.

Yes, your Sims can get married and have children together.

No, you cant remove any of them. The only way to remove a sims from the family though it to kill them.

You make your sims best friends,

You can have sims get married but they can not have children

You could make your family, your friends family, celebrities, the neighborhood family's or you could just muck around making weird family's do crazy stuff or kill them! It's up to you!

If your sims are already best friends, flirt with or kiss them. If not, get them best friends while flirting/kissing them

No, Sims can not have relationships with anyone they are related to.

You can have up to 7 horses, but it depends on how many Sims are already in your family. If there are two Sims in your family, you can only have six horses.

No, but if you go to edit map, you can save your family and house along with any of your friends and put them on a lot in the new "world"

I don't believe you can, but you could try marrying a sims within a family of eight.

You can have a virtual family in Sims 3.

You are absolutely wrong i have 13 on one of my sims famil You can have up to 8 controllable sims in a family, but there may be other, uncontrollable sims in the family (other households), such as parents etc.

Maximum of 8 Sims in one Family

Yes. You can have babies with other sims.

Talk to them heeps and hope they like you. :)

I don't think you can, but they can move in with you if you are partners or best friends.

The fastest way to downgrade the relationship statues of Sims is to make one of them be rude to the other.

Well who do you love more, your friends or your family. Personally I love my friends better, my family sucks.

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