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The echidnaÊis fast, has short legs and sharp claws, which help them to dig their homes. The echidna is a mammal.Ê

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What is the tiger defense?

big claws, sharp teeth, run fast

How does a lynx protect itself?

it has a keen sense of smell and hearing, sharp teeth, and sharp retractable claws. It's also really fast and agile.

What adaptations do tigers have to hunt?

They have sharp claws and teeth. They can run very fast.

What is the structures of defense for a cat?

Cats have sharp teeth and claws. They can run fast and climb trees.

What is the only breed of cat with retractable claws?

All breeds of cats have retractable claws except the cheetah. It has non retractable claws which help it to grip the ground when running fast. This is a disadvantage when it does catch its prey as the claws are not as sharp.

What are the African lion's adaptations for survival?

Sharp teeth, strong claws, and the ability to run very fast

What special abilities do lions possess?

Lions can run 50 mph so fast and have sharp claws

What are the behavioral adaptations of a cougar?

its ability to stalk, run fast, and pounce. also its sharp claws and size

How are tigers adapted to hunt?

Stripes (to blend in with grass), sharp claws and teeth, ability to run fast etc.

How are foxes such good predators?

they hve a good sense of smell, hearing, fast,agile, sharp teeth, claws eyesight

Which best describes a predator animal?

A predatory animal is described as carnivorous, fast, sneaky, strong, and has sharp claws/teeth.

Why are cheetahs good predators apart from they are fast?

sharp teeth sharp claws camoflauged in certain surroundings silenced footsteps the ability to jump around trees quickly and swiftly

How does a green iguana protekt it'self?

You misspelled protect and itself. They have sharp claws, sharp teeth, and a tail like a bull whip. They can scratch with their claws. They can bite if need be. They can use their tails like a whip. They are also proficient climbers and quite fast runners.

Who would win in a fight - a wolf or a cougar?

a cougar because its got sharp teeth and claws its strong fast and agile

What is a cat adaptation?

A cat's adaptation is a when cat adapt to their environment.Examples of their adaptations are:They run really fast.They have sharp claws and teeth to eat.

How can a crocodile take down an elephant?

By its sharp claws and teeth; It also can move fast and whip its tail. The Elephant can only try to stomp on it.

What adaptations would you expect to find in an animal which hunts other animals?

Sharp claws and teeth, ability to run, swim, or fly fast.

What do cheetahs use their short claws for?

Cheetahs cannot retract their claws as they are necessary for fast running. They also use their dew claws to trip prey so that they can grab them by the neck for the kill. Of course, having non-retractable claws limits the cheetah's climbing ability.

What are the polar bear's physical adaptations?

Long thick hair, blubber, and body fat and very sharp claws to dig into icethick fur, blubber, body fat, sharp claws, big padded paws, their white fur so that they can camouflage their selves, very strong, fast swimmers.

What does sharp sharp mean?

Sharp sharp (Mostly a slang) means:1) Quick, fast..e.g do this thing sharp sharp2) Play a fast one on someone

How fast is a toucan?

Toucans do not fly well. They do spend a lot of time in trees but travel by hopping from branch to branch using their sharp claws to grip the branches. They can fly by flapping their wings and then gliding short distances. Their top speed is about 39 miles per hour.

Can spinosuars kill King Kong?

Yes. Spinosaurs, which was bigger and faster than T-Rex, had longer claws that are fast and sharp enough to wound king kong.

Why is a Monkeys dangerous?

Not all monkeys are dangerous; but most species are agile and fast or stronger for their size than humans ...or both together. Many of them also have sharp teeth and/or claws.

How is a cat adapted for a life as a predator?

1. Good Eye Sight2. Sharp Claws3. Eye Site4. Fast5. Jump High Places!

How does a meerkat protect itself?

meerkats use their sharp claws to try and hurt a enemy or using his coloring camaphlage to look like a rock. the are also fast and run in their burrows.

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