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What are female mice called?

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What is a Female mice called?

A female mouse is called a doe.

Is mice male or female?

Mice can be male or female. Mice simply refers to the plural of mouse.

Do male or female mice smell the least?

Male mice have a stronger smell than female mice.

Do male mice live longer than female mice?

I think fancy mice live longer than other mice but female mice will not live longer than male mice.

Do female mice smell?

yes, I do believe that female mice smell. I had one once...

What is the feminine of rat?

a female rat is called a doe and a male is a buck

What is a mother mouse called?

A female mouse is called a doe, a male mouse is a buck, and newborn mice are pinkies.

How old do female mice have to be to breed?

Male and female mice can breed from as young as six weeks !

Do mice have testicles?

Yes, male mice do in order to get female mice pregnant.

How many babies can mice have?

Mice can have from 3 to 10 babies, called pinkeys, my mouse had 7 babies and the other mom had 6, it depends on the female.

Is a female lice called a louse?

One of them is called a Louse , more than one is called Lice like you would saymouse and mice

How many babys can mice have?

Female mice can have up to 8 to 18 babys

How unsanitary are mice?

Mice are actually very clean. Male mice do produce a strong smell, but female mice have no detectable smell at all.

Do male mice smell worse than female mice?

In the wild, male mice scent-mark their territory to keep other male mice away. This is an instinctive behaviour and they will also scent-mark their cages when kept as pets, because that is the area they recognise as their own territory. Female mice do not scent mark in the same way, so male mice kept in captivity do tend to smell more than female mice.

Are female mice bigger then male mice?

Not usually, no. Sometimes an odd female will get as big, or a little bigger, than a male, but most don't

Are female mice faster than male mice?

yes they are boys mice are always more dosile than girls. That's what i find with my mice.

Are female mice faster then male mice?

Basically, no. But female mice are more hyperactive than males. And that's why many people thinks they are faster. And ofcourse, it depends on the mouse health and so on.

Do mice kill off each other if there is no female?

No, but if they are male mice they will fight for dominance

How often do you clean a mouse cage with two female mice?

Have fun with your mice! Aly

Do female mice eat male mice not including their young?

No!Mice only eat seeds etc. and small insects.

What do you call a male mouse?

Just like rabbits and rats male mice are called "bucks" the female is known as a "doe"

What do you do if two female mice are fighting?


Do female mice stink i wonna no can you tell me i wonna no do female mice stink?

Yes they stink, I have a friend who had two females and she said they stank bad!

How many teats does a female mouse have?

Female Rats and Mice have 12 teats.

What are two computer mice called-Mouses or Mice?