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Ants, bees, wasps, flies, butterflies, beetles, dragonflies, ... (That's more than five.)

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How many different types of stick insects?

There are over 3 000 species of stick insects in the world but the most common and easiest to look after is the Indian labatory stick insects.

What are the Five different types of insect mouth parts?

Different types of insects may have different mouth parts. Five different types of insect mouth parts include the mandible, maxilla, labium, hypopharynx and proboscis.

What types of insects do entomologist study?

Entomologist study all types of insects.

What types of insects are located in haiti?

Insects in haiti

What are the five types of nouns?

Five types of nouns are:Singular or plural nounsCommon or proper nounsConcrete or abstract nounsPossessive nounsCompound nouns

What type insects eat other types insects?


What happens if you eat insects?

It depends how many and what types of insects.

Do insects have more than 2 eyes?

It's a tricky question because insects have two kinds of eyes. There are simple eyes and compound eyes. Some insects just have one type, others have both types. The simple answer is, most insects have two eyes, but several of them have five eyes.

What are the 5 types of law?

the five types of law are common law, constitutional law, administrative law, equity, and statutory law

How many types 0f insects are there?

There are about 900 thousand different types of insects in the world, and more are discovered every year!

Which insects has five noses?


Are the parts of the body that are common in insects also found in a snake?

The heart is a common part of the body that is found in snakes and insects. Eyes are another common feature between insects and snakes.

What types of insects are found in the rainforest?

all types of bugs

What are five common conductors and five common isulators?

five common materials

Do rodents eat insects?

yes some types of rodents can eat insects

What are the main types of insects?


What types of insects sting you?


What types of insects are parasites?

A mosquito

What are the five nouns in Language Arts such as common and proper noun?

Five types of nouns in addition to common and proper are:singular and pluralcount and non-countconcrete and abstractpossessivesgerunds

How insects are common with arthropods?

Insects are a subdivision of arthropods. They have jointed bodies.

What body characteristics are common to most insects?

most insects are spineless

How many types are coloncancer?

There are five types of colon cancer. Adenocarcinomas which is very common and mainly originate in glands.Leiomyosarcomas, Melanomas, Lymphomas, Neuroendocrinal tumours.

Is insects a proper noun or a common noun You don't understand?

Insects is the plural of the common noun insect.

What do mole shrew eat?

It eats insects, but i don't know the certain types of insects.

Can you put phasmid stick insects in a cage with different types of stick insects?

usually you can.