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What are five factors that influence demand?

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The five factors that influence demand are:

  1. income
  2. prices of related goods
  3. tastes
  4. expectations
  5. number of buyers

More information for factors that influence demand:

1. Number of consumers (naturally, more consumers means more demand)

2. Income & normal goods (as income increases, demand for these goods increases)

3. Income & inferior goods (as income increases, demand for these goods decreases)

4. Preferences (obviously, if they prefer to buy it their demand will increase)

5. Price of a substitute (if the price of a substitute good increases, demand for the original good will increase)

6. Expectation of future prices and income.

7. Government policies. e.g. ban pornography. This leans more towards supply restriction rather than demand.

8. Substitutes (Greater the number of substitutes and the attractiveness of their price, the smaller will be the demand for the good)

9. Complement goods (increase demand for cars would raise demand for petrol)

10 fashion (if item is currently popular in the market it will get more buyers and so it would be a high demand item

11. weather ( a winter cloth would be in greater demand in winter as compared to summer)

12. wars (demand of certain goods can be influenced in wars compared to peace situation

13. traditional and religious festivals and events can influence the demand of certain goods, like Christmas tree is in higher demand in the month of December

14. number of sellers also impact demand by influencing the price of certain goods.

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Discuss the factors that are likely to influence the demand for desktop computers in GHANA?

What are the factors that can influence demand for land labor capital entrepreneur?

Supply, demand, price, and cost would be the factors.

What are the factors that influence level of money supply?

Demand and suply

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What are the factors that can influence demand?

The factors that can influence demand are the price of the good (the lower the price the higher demand and vice versa), income (higher income generally means a higher demand), market competition, tastes such as fashion, seasonal factors for example if its Christmas people will demand things associated with Christmas and in Winter people may demand winter wear etc.

Factors that influence price elasticity of demand?

Three of the factors on elasticity of demand are necessity vs. luxury, availability of substitutes, and relative importance.

What factors influence the pricing of new products?

Supply and demand HI

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answer it

What three factors can influence price elasticity of demand?

people not stealing

What factors influence supply others than price?

demand of the product

What Factors influence human resource demand in an organisation?

There are a number of factors that can influence human resource demand in an organisation. Some examples are expansion, change of specialisation of the organisation's team, restructuring, among others.

How global macro-economic factors influence the supply and demand of agricultural input?

Macro economic factors globally influence supply and demand. These factors include climate and disasters resulting in skewed outcomes versus predictability in agriculture.

What factors might influence the pricing in a Middle Eastern branch of Dairy Queen?

Demand could be the answer, so what factors could affect the demand to increase or decrease.

Describe the law of demand?

The law of demand states that when all other factors are held constant, when the price of a product increases, the demand will. Demand will directly influence the level of supply.

What factors influence which products firms choose to produce?

In simple terms Supply and demand

What are the 3 factors that influence employment opportunities?

Labor Force,Supply and Demand, Population

What are the factors that influence price-setting in oligopolies?

collusion cost of production wages cost of sales consumer demand suppliers demand

What factors influence a regions photosynthetic productivity?

The main factor influencing production is consumer demand.

What factors influence the demand for money?

In the simplest models, the supply of money and the real interest rate.

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Factors that influence the music in Japan are the people. It is mainly the demand for certain music that makes it be produced more.

Factors affecting demand?

Factors affecting demand

What are two non-price factors that influence demand?

Taste or Preference of ConsumersandNumber of Buyers

Where are the five soil factors geographers study?

The five major factors that influence soil formation are parent material, climate, living organisms, topography, and time.

Five key Factors that influence individual?

Culture religion family gender beliefs

Factors influencing economic growth?

That'll be any factors that influence the components of the Aggregate Demand (Consumption + Investment + Government spending + Net exports). Any factors that influence each and every component of AD will affect economic growth (through the multiplier process).