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Q: What are four consequences for not complying with care settings policies and procedures?
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Why do you have to follow your settings policy and procedures?

you might get in trouble if you do'nt

How do health and safety policies and procedures protect people who work in social care settings?

Having a standard safety policy and procedure in place, full adherance and compliance to health and safety rules and regulations. haha poo

How health and safety policies and procedures protect people using social care settings?

Social care settings is a broad term referring to any place where an organization works with those who are ill, injured, disabled, economically challenged, marginalized or otherwise disadvantaged. Obviously, in these settings health and safety standards are important to protect those who use them from illness and injury.

When configuring GPOs which node contains the majority of account policies?

Computer Configuration node, Windows settings folder, security settings node.

What section of Group Policy allow you to configure the maximum allowable clock skew between a client and a domain controller?

Kerberos Policy. This is found under: +Computer Configuration +Windows Settings +Security Settings +Account Policies +Kerberos Policies

When configuring group policy objects which node contains the majority of account policies?

Computer Configuration node, Windows Settings folder, Security Settings node

What managed settings cannot be defined or changed through group policies?

Windows Installation Policy

What the tab is used to configure the write caching and safe removal settings for a device?

The Policies tab.

How does one manage group policies in Windows?

In Windows managing group policies is easy. You go into the settings and you can control what groups can control certain areas of your information on the network.

How did facilities in the 20 states that required accreditation of their outpatient settings comply?

Only half of these 20 states issued regulations on office-based procedures, and fewer still have established a system for reporting events in outpatient settings.

What are the perspectives for ethical reasoning?

Ethical reasoning takes place in a variety of different settings. It is reasoning about right and wrong human conduct.

What are domain-wide controls that specify password requirements account lockout settings auditing user rights security options and more?

Security policies