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What are four different kinds of tissues?


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epithelial tissue connective tissue, muscle tissue, nervous tissue

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An organ is a structure that is composed of 2 or more different kinds of tissues.

There are four types of main animal tissues. these are:- epithenial tissues , coonective tissues , muscular tissues and nervous tissues

sclerenchyma, collenchyma, parenchyma

Tissues of different types come together to make a organ.

Different tissues are linked by intercellular connections.

There are three kinds of tissues in the body; muscular, nervous, and epithelial. Actually there are five different kinds of connective tissues in the body; liquid, osseous, cartilage, loose, and dense. Also, there are three kinds of muscle tissues in the body and they are skeletal, smooth, and cardiac.

groups of different kind of tissue combine to form organs

Several different kinds of tissues working together to perform a particular function is called an organ. Different organs working together as a system to carry out a particular function is called an organ system.

Yes. Organs are composed of tissues, and tissues are composed of cells.

no organs consist of many different tissues

Organs are things in the body that are made of different tissues and have special function, for example leaves or kidneys. See link below:

The four different kinds of fungi are:-ZygomycetesAscomycetesBasidiomycetesDeutereomycetesThe different kinds of fungi are:- ZygomycetesAscomycetesBasidiomycetesDeuteromycetes.

A Pentagon is a five sided shape.There are four different kinds of pentagons, not five. The four different Pentagons are regular, irregular, convex and concave.?æ

The taste buds are referred to as gustatory organs. There are four kinds of gustatory receptors for the four different kinds of taste: salty, sweet, sour, and bitter.

The tissues of animals are classified into four different types. They include the epithelial tissue, connective tissue, muscle tissue and neural tissues.

Four kinds:Incisorscaninespremolarsmolars

DNA molecules have four different kinds of bases. These bases pair up with one another in order to make DNA.

plants only have three kinds of tissues epidermal , vascular and ground tissues ground tissues are--parenchyma, collenchyma and sclerenchyma

plants only have three kinds of tissues epidermal vascular and ground tissues ground tissues are parenchyma ,callenchyma and , sclerrenchyma

because eachcell has different uses and characteristics. they join to form differrent tissues and which later form different organs

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