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Q: What are four requirements for kerberos?
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When was Kerberos Productions created?

Kerberos Productions was created in 2003.

Is Kerberos a private key encryption?

Kerberos is an example of a private key encryption service.

How can you authenticate between forests?

Four types of authentication are used: (1) Kerberos and NTLM network logon for remote access to a server in another forest (2) Kerberos and NTLM interactive logon for physical logon outside the user's home forest (3) Kerberos delegation to N-tier application in another forest (4) UPN credentials.

What is kerberos realms?

A full service kerberos environment consisting of kerberos server and clients and application servers requires kerberos server to maintain a database containing users name and their hashed password and realm sets up aboundary within which authentication server can authenticate users. In general we can say realm is set of nodes sharing a common database.

What are four requirements that may be defined for a computer based system?

Software Requirements are divided into four categoriesBusiness RequirementsUser RequirementsOperational RequirementsSystem Requirements

A subset of users in kerberos is referred to as a?


Does kerberos require port based authentication?


Which planet has one moon called Charon?

Pluto is a dwarf planet with a moon called Charon as well as four others named Styx, Kerberos, Hydra, and Nix.

What is the default protocol used by windows vista?


What ports are used by kerberos?

TCP Port 88

How long does Kerberos authentication last?

5 minutes

Do you use kerberos as an authentification method even when active directory forests are independent?

Yes the kerberos the std protocol used by AD earlier version used NTLM