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processing devices are electronic components that performs various functions in a computer or other electronic system. some common function of processing devices includes

  1. Data processing : These devices take in data and perform operations on it such as calculation, addition, or logic operations.

  2. memory management : These devices store and retrive data for use by the processing devices.

  3. communication: these devices allow different part of the system to communicate with each other, such as through a bus or network.

4.input output i/p, o/p management: these devices control the flow of data into and out of the system, such as through keyboard, mouse , or other peripherals.

  1. power management : these devices regulate the power to the system such as by controlling the voltage and current.

  2. error correction : these devices detect and correct errors in data transmission and storage.

  3. security : these devices provides security feature such as encryptions, firewall, and access controls.

8.multitasking : these devices allow the system to perform multiple tasks at the same time.

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Q: What are functions of processing devices?
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