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It depends on the college you attend, but general education courses usually include English comp., science, history, government, arts, and assorted. General education online courses in over 80 subject including: math, science, language arts, music, art, Psychology and special education.

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Q: What are general education courses?
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What are the major subjects in psychology education?

Some of the major subjects in psychology education include: -General education courses -Core psychology courses (general psychology, statistics, experimental psychology, etc) -Elective psychology courses

What is an advance college course?

Advance college courses are courses beyond general education courses. Typically with degree programs the first year or two are general education courses which establish a foundation for more specified advanced classes. For example, General Psychology is a general education course needed to take more advanced psychology such as Adolescent psychology. Advance courses are not necessarily harder but more specified.

What are required courses that educate a college student in a broad range of subject areas?

ANSWER: general education requirements. APEX

Where can you get a General Certificate of Secondary Education?

At secondary school or alternatively, at courses in your area :)

What are colleges?

Independent institutions of higher education offering courses of general studies.

What college courses are needed to become a 9th grade teacher?

There are general education courses that are required to become a teacher of any type. Many of these are classes in the field of study that you will teach, teaching methods and general education classes.

Diffenciate between general education curriculum and technicalvocational education curriculum?

General Education curriculum is being made for those students who wants to get a degree course in college, it is specific in every courses that an individual may choose. And the General ed are for individuals who excel academically. On the other hand Technical-Vocational courses are for individuals who opted to get a one-two year courses wherein skills and competency are being the bases of their study.

What Universities offer science courses?

All do. Science is part of general education requirements as well as a major.

If you already have a 4 year degree do you have to retake general education classes to get a different unrelated degree?

Typically, most - if not all - general education courses that have been completed for one degree can be used for another. Some colleges and universities may have time limits on certain courses that have been completed.

How do you answer 'Courses taken in high school' on a job application?

If you took pre-college level courses or anything up and beyond General Education, this is what they want to know.

What courses are available at Columbia university?

Some courses that are available through the University of Columbia include the typical general education course; math, english, science, communications and art.

What courses do architects have to take in college?

Architecture majors usually take studio courses and seminar courses based on architecture design, structure, and architecture theory. In addition they must take art history, calculus, and physics. This is on top of general education courses.

Can your bachelors in social work be credited toward a nursing degree?

Yes, some of your general education courses should apply.

What courses taken outside of a major and beyond the general education requirement are called?

These classes are referred to as electives.

What courses do you need to get your bachelor's degree?

The required courses needed for a bachelor's degree depends on the specific program of study (major). For example, the courses required for engineering will be quite different than those required for communications. While there is a general cluster of general education courses required by most program, each program will have requirements particular to itself.

What courses does Liberty University offer online?

If you want to find out all of the courses that Liberty University offers online, then you should check out their official website. They offer Religion, Health Sciences, General Education, and many other courses.

What general education courses will you need to take for teaching special needs students?

At American universities, all students take general education classes from the same list. Check with the university's admissions department or the undergraduate general catalog. Your adviser is also a good resource

What are the general education courses required for Cornell University?

I'm not exactly sure what your question is asking, but you can read more about general education courses required for Cornell University by going to's webpage for Cornell: university/ Check out the forum on that same page where you can ask your specific question to actual Cornell students.

What are the general education courses required for nursing?

Courses outside the professional phase courses would typically include the following.Human Anatomy and Physiology I and IIMicrobiologyChemistry (inorganic and organic and biochemistry)English Composition I and IIGeneral PsychologyChild Psychology/Developmental PsychologyPrinciples of SociologyHumanities Electives

What is the difference between adult and continuing education courses?

Adult education courses are targeted toward a post-college audience, but are not part of a graduate degree program. Continuing education courses are for people who have a professional certification or license that requires annual or bi-annual refresher courses.

What courses do you offer in cavite state university rosario branch?

*Business Courses Management *Computer Science & Mathematics Courses Computer Science & Mathematics Computer Engineering (1) Computer Science (1) Information Technology (1) Education Courses Education - all courses (2) Industrial & Technical Education Teachers (1) Secondary Education Teachers (1) Engineering Courses Engineering - all courses (2) Computer Engineering (1) Electrical Engineering (1) Professional & Technical Courses Courses Professional & Technical Courses - all courses (3) Computer Technology (1) Tourism & Hospitality Courses Hotel & Restaurant Management (2)

Are there any on line schools for physical thearpy assistants?

You may be able to complete some of the general education courses online, but not the degree as a physical therapist assistant. This is because - in part - of the clinical or practical courses involved.

Do college credits not count after a certain amount of time?

Most general education courses do not expire. However, there are some courses such as laboratory sciences that may have a cut-off, but that may be particular to college and university policy.

What is the ethical reason of general education?

what is general education

What has the author Ian Royce Pickard written?

Ian Royce Pickard has written: 'An evaluation of the General and Communication Studies in Technician Education Council courses'