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What are general education courses?


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It depends on the college you attend, but general education courses usually include English comp., science, history, government, arts, and assorted. General education online courses in over 80 subject including: math, science, language arts, music, art, psychology and special education.


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Some of the major subjects in psychology education include: -General education courses -Core psychology courses (general psychology, statistics, experimental psychology, etc) -Elective psychology courses

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Advance college courses are courses beyond general education courses. Typically with degree programs the first year or two are general education courses which establish a foundation for more specified advanced classes. For example, General Psychology is a general education course needed to take more advanced psychology such as Adolescent psychology. Advance courses are not necessarily harder but more specified.

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Independent institutions of higher education offering courses of general studies.

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At secondary school or alternatively, at courses in your area :)

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There are general education courses that are required to become a teacher of any type. Many of these are classes in the field of study that you will teach, teaching methods and general education classes.

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